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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 43 Equipment Listings matching 'GE SIGNA Explorer 1.5T ES 16 Channel MRI Mobile' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 43 Equipment Listings matching 'GE SIGNA Explorer 1.5T ES 16 Channel MRI Mobile' on DOTmed

For Sale or Rent GE SIGNA Explorer 1.5T ES 16 Channel MRI Mobile

LISTING #2386372
  • Condition:
  • New
  • Date updated:
  • June 28, 2017
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Item Summary for GE SIGNA Explorer 1.5T ES 16 Channel MRI Mobile



GE SIGNA Explorer 1.5T ES with Fixed Table and 16 Channel Express Suite
Mobile MRI System Equipment Description


Explorer 1.5T ES w/fixed table 16 Channel Express Coil Suite
• OpTix RF 16 Channel Receive Technology
• ScanTools 25.0 and ES Applications Suite
• OpTix RF Receive Technology
• Simultaneous channel/receivers:16
• Analog-to-digital converters: 16
• Patient Table Scanning Weight 350lbs.

Host Computer and Recon Engine
• Image storage: 4000,000 256X256 uncompressed
• Hard disk storage: 300GB and 1X100GB
• Recon speed:14,000FFT/s 256X256 full matrix

Advanced Applications Suite
• Advanced Neuro Applications with Propeller 3.0
• Advanced Spine & MSK Application
• Advanced Body Applications
• Advanced Vascular Application
• Advanced Cardiac Applications
• Advanced Imaging Tools
• Advanced Processing & Display
• Advanced Function Tool Analysis

Express Coil Suite
• Express Posterior Array 12 elements: Thorax, Abdomen. Pelvis, T-Spine
• Express Anterior Array 9 elements: 16 channel imaging with PA: Thorax, Abdomen. Pelvis, T-Spine
• Express Head and Neck Array 16 elements: Brain, C-spine, NV MRA
• Flex suite 4 Channel Large Flex Array
• Flex Suite 4 Channel Small Flex Array
• T/R Body coil
• T/R Head Coil
• 1.5T 3 Channel Shoulder Array – GE Coils
• 1.5T Quad Extremity Coil- Invivo

Connect Pro
Medrad Solaris Injector
Magnacoustics MRI Music & Communications System
GE Certified Trailer



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