This Item is no longer available.
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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the Equipment Listings similar to 'DYNATRON Solaris 706 Muscle Stimulator' on DOTmed

For Sale DYNATRON Solaris 706 Muscle Stimulator

LISTING #1019680
  • Condition:
  • New
  • Date updated:
  • May 26, 2012
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Specifications for DYNATRON Solaris 706 Muscle Stimulator

Warranty: 2 Year

Item Summary for DYNATRON Solaris 706 Muscle Stimulator

Brand New!!!

Dynatron Solaris 706 5 Channel Stim Unit

Professional Price: $3,295.00

Our Price: $Call For Special Pricing

The Dynatron Solaris 706, 5-channel stim unit, offers the practitioner a wide range of treatment options. This device provides 7-stim waveforms: Interferential and Premodulated therapy; High Voltage pulsed stimulation; Russian and Biphasic therapies; Microcurrent and Direct Current treatments; and Infrared Light Probe applications. Also, the Solaris 706 may, with the use of the Dynatron® Booster Box, operate the Dynatron® Xp™, a powerful 8″X10″ Infrared Light Pad. In addition the Solaris 706 features Patented Target and Target Sweep.


-Number of channels 5
-Number of dedicated High Volt channels 1
-High Volt
-Direct Current (probe only)
-Target and Target Sweep feature for Interferential
-Modifiable frequency ranges
-Single, reciprocal, co-contraction modes in Russian, Biphasic
-Selectable and customizable on/off times for High Volt, Biphasic and -Russian
-Modify pulse rate, pulse width in Biphasic, Russian
-Microcurrent and High Volt therapy delivered with either electrodes or probes
-Select Microcurrent and High Volt polarity (positive, negative, or bipolar)
-Microcurrent conductance indicator
-Electrode conductance meter
-Direct Current delivered through -MultiStim probe

Light Therapy

-Infrared cluster probe (optional)
-Light Pad (with Booster Box) (optional)
-Laser point probe (optional)


-Warranty (2 years)
-Battery-pack (optional)
-Protocol Reference Manual for -Electrotherapy & Ultrasound
-Light Therapy Applications Manual (included with probe order)
-Carrying case (hard and soft) (optional)
-Cart (optional)


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