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This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 4 Equipment Listings matching 'SMV DST LXi Nuclear Gamma Camera' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 4 Equipment Listings matching 'SMV DST LXi Nuclear Gamma Camera' on DOTmed

For Sale or Rent SMV DST LXi Nuclear Gamma Camera

LISTING #95679
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  • Used - Excellent
  • Date updated:
  • December 01, 2005
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Item Summary for SMV DST LXi Nuclear Gamma Camera

Dual Head Gamma Camera system
Installed: 12/99
The unique open gantry design provides a new level of nuclear medicine imaging freedom, flexibility, and patient comfort unmatched by any other camera system. The DST XLi system features extra-large detectors, and is an exceptional general purpose SPECT and wholebody imaging system with long axis scanning capability that can reduce imaging times for SPECT studies up to 40%.
LFOV: The DST-XLi systems extra-large 540 x 400 mm field of view ensures complete body coverage for the largest of patients. And the design of the Scintibed table allows the patient to be positioned along either the long or short axis of the detectors to optimize the FOV for the type of study desired.
VFOV: The variable FOV orientation, combined with the large image area of the detectors, also benefits dual-view static and dynamic planar scans. The 540 mm length enables bone flow or venography studies from mid-thigh to the tip of the toes in one view. For dynamic renal studies, the kidneys, ureters and the entire bladder can be viewed simultaneously for voiding calculations.
Variable FOV magnification makes the DST-XLi system an excellent choice for small organ imaging as well. For brain imaging, the short 70 mm distance from the edge of the detector to the active FOV, together with the specially contoured Scintibed table, offers excellent brain reach and eliminates shoulder obstruction
Large crystal for PET scanning
PET baffles
Low Energy All Purpose collimator (LEAP)
Low Energy Ultra High Resolution collimator (LEUR)
Medium Energy All Purpose collimator (MEAP)
Contouring frame
MOD drive
Computer system
Operating instructions:

Full service & calibration reports available
Serviced from new by OEM

Usage: approx 1500 2000 patients/exams pa
Available from April 2006

Sold as Seen
First come, first served
Freight, export packing, insurance, import duties, taxes excluded
Location: UK Hospital

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