This Item is no longer available.
Click here to see the 3915 Equipment Listings matching 'STRYKER 4200 Cordless Driver 2 Drill Orthopedic System ' on DOTmed
This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 3915 Equipment Listings matching 'STRYKER 4200 Cordless Driver 2 Drill Orthopedic System ' on DOTmed

For Sale STRYKER 4200 Cordless Driver 2 Drill Orthopedic System

LISTING #949102
  • Condition:
  • Used - Excellent
  • Date updated:
  • December 29, 2011
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Item Summary for STRYKER 4200 Cordless Driver 2 Drill Orthopedic System

K Listing
Item #: 47927
Stryker 4200 Cordless Driver 2 Drill Orthopedic System

Manufacturer Stryker
Model 4200

Description Cordless Driver 2 Drill Orthopedic System

Quantity 1

Item Location NC Warehouse

# 47927 Stryker Set Includes:

4200 Cordless Driver 2 (please note: has a few dents)
4100-62 Wire Collet
4100-126 Pin Collet
4100-110 Synthes Drill
4100-131 1/4" Drill
4100-132 5/32" Jacobs Drill
4100-135 Hudson Modified Trinkle Drill
4100-231 Jacobs Reamer
4100-235 Hudson Modified Trinkle Drill
4100-400 Sagittal Saw
5400-276 Handpiece Sterilization Case
CD 2 Small Aseptic Battery Kit/422-450 Sterilization Case


Overall Condition Very Good
Cosmetics Very Good / please view all pictures
Functionality Excellent
Completeness Complete / with everything seen in the pictures

Price: Ask or better email / make an offer.

How to Order/Placing order: Book your order on email or Please call.

Payment Methods:

We accept all major forms of payment including:

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), PayPal, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Company checks, Personal checks, Western Union


The pictures shown here are only representations of this item. The actual item/s are the same model and similar condition to the item featured in the representative picture.

This unit comes with only what is seen in the picture , some features, software or accessories that may be shown below in the manufacturers description may be available for purchase separately from the manufacturer please take a look at the pictures shown for this item & feel free to contact us.


Information on this page may be partial or incomplete and may contain mistakes or inaccurate information.

Seller disclaims any obligation, responsibility or liability, which concerns or relates to any information on this page.

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