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This Item is no longer available

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For Sale PARATA RDS PT 050 Pill Dispensers

LISTING #945534
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  • March 24, 2011
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Item Summary for PARATA RDS PT 050 Pill Dispensers

Parata RDS Pharmacy Automation

2 available
service agreement renewed as of 3/2011- will expire 3/2012

The Parata machines were purchased around 2008.

They are Parata models RDS PT 050. Each one has an additional 20 super cells, a top mount UPS and a wireless PSL1006 scanner. In addition there is an AccuCount

In the evolving circle of pharmacy care, to fill a prescription - accurately, every time - is just the beginning. It is also:

A time to review drug therapies and optimize outcomes
An opportunity to build loyalty with quality service and care
A chance to generate
retail sales

Parata RDS, the industry's leading pharmacy automation, offers a proven strategy for taking your dispensing operation to the next level: it automates 50-65 percent of total prescription volume at six to eight times the productivity of manual filling, and is 100 percent accurate for drug and dose.

Fast Facts


Safety 100 percent accurate for drug and dose


Speed Counts up to 30 tablets/second.
Processes up to 154 scripts/hour. 1


Size 12 sq. feet (26"W x 72"L x 77"H)


Capacity 252 dispensing cells
Automates 50-65 percent of total
prescription volume


Real Results
Parata helps customers get the results they anticipate when they invest in our pharmacy automation.

Real Results, Parata's proprietary, online business planning tool, helps customers track and optimize performance of their Parata RDS units and work toward specific business goals. Powerful marketing tools help pharmacies attract new customers and support the higher capacity generated by using our pharmacy automation. Take a Real Results Test Drive today.

1 "Pharmacy Tests Robotics Impact with Before-and-After Study," Retail Pharmacy Management, July/August 2005

Pharmacy management system directs script to Parata RDS.

Parata RDS selects from three vial sizes, then prints and applies a label.
Parata RDS dispenses up to 30 tablets/sec., caps vial and sorts finished script by patient last name.

Script is retrieved by staff and scanned out of queue.

Process complete in as little as 20 seconds, ensuring scripts are ready when customers' expect them. Pharmacy staff has time to counsel patients and answer questions to improve adherence.


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