Used GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA For Sale - DOTmed Listing #1244953:
GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale
GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA for sale

For Sale GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA

  • Asking Price :$189.00 USD
  • Condition : Used - Good
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  • Weight : 6.00 Lbs
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  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : May 21, 2020
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Item Description

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Listing: #1244953

  • Condition: Used - Good
  • Brand: GRASEBY
  • Type: Pump PCA
  • Model: 3300 programable
  • MPN: 3300
  • Warranty: 7 day inspection
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A Graseby 3400 syringe pump is also now available from RaynorShine Enterises at $325, shipping included (to the USA and Canada(. It is pictured in the last 3 pics in this ad. Please contact us for further information.

This is a moderately used pump which responds to controls and appears in good condition. It was last in use in the Canadian public health system. The cover locks and the key is included. As with any instrument of this type it should be bio-med certified before use in a medical environment. It is 120 V, but can be switched to 220 - 240 V (see below).

The Graseby Medical Model 3300 Syringe Pump is being used world wide for a variety of strong and weak analgesics for both adults and children. A range of syringe brands may be used and a variety of external devices can be connected via the RS232 port. It is safe, easy to use and effective for all types of PCA applications.

- AC Power Supply: 120 V can be switched to220 V, 50/60 Hz
- Battery type: Sealed lead acid
- Battery Charge: 8 hours when fully charged and under normal operating conditions.

Syringe Types:
BD Plastipak 20, 30, 50/60 ml
Braun Omnifix 20, 30, 50/60 ml
Braun Perfusor 50 ml (optional)
Monojet 20, 30/35 50/60 ml
Terumo 20, 30/35 50/60 ml
Fresenius Injectomat 50 ml
DBL Rapiject 50 ml (prefilled)

- Concentration: 1ug/ml – 99.5 mg/ml

Loading dose:
0 ug – 99.5 mg
PCA (Bolus) dose:
1ug – 99.5 mg

- Dose duration: STAT or 1 – 15 minutes

- Lock-out period: 0 – 360 minutes

- Dose limit range: 1 – 8 hours

- Continuous infusion: 0 –20 ml/hr (with bolus)

- Weight: 8 lbs including Batteries and poleclamp

- Dimensions: 13 inches x 8 inches x 5 inches

- Operating temperatures: 42º-105ºF (IEC 601-1)

- Drive Accuracy: +/- 2%

- Electrical safety: CSA, UL, Class II, Type CF Drip-proof

Design Standards:

BS 5724 Part 1
IEC 601 Part 1
VFG 1046/1984

- Printer/Monitor port: D-type 9 way connector (RS232)

Gaseby manual directions for switch voltage input:
AC voltage and fuse adjustment

CAUTION: If the pumps internal AC supply voltage setting is altered both the labels on the underside of the pump must be changed (to indicate the correct AC voltage) and the correctly rated fuse must be fitted.

The pump can be set to operate on a 220-240 V or 100-120 V AC voltage supply.

To change the AC operating voltage settings (as detailed in the following sections), the casing has to be opened and two push-on connectors on the Regulator board adjusted.

The AC supply fuse rating must also be changed.

AC voltage adjustment

1. Take the casing apart
2. Check/ alter the position of the two push-on connectors on the Regulator board (these connectors are attached to a black and a grey wire).

The alternative settings are as follows:
220-240 V 100-120 V
Grey: PL4 Grey: PL7
Black: PL8 Black: PL3
3. Move the two blank connectors so that they cover the two unused alternative voltage terminals.

Fuse adjustment
1. Remove the protecting cover from fuse FS2. If required, fit the correct time delay fuse (T50 mA for 220-240 V; T 100 mA for 100-120V).
2. Refit the fuse cover ensuring that it goes outside all four spring connectors.
3. Taking care not to trap any leads, reassemble the casing 4. If necessary, stick a new adhesive voltage rating label over the existing label on the underside of the pump.

Please write if you would like a PDF copy of the Users Manual for this pump. 

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Bio-medical inspection by qualified personnel should be completed before use in a medical environment.


Regardless of the origin of the equipment, documentation provided or identification appearing upon the equipment, the equipment described and offered here is in no way certified for, recommended for, or offered for any specific use. The buyer is purchasing an item(s) which may have been used for medical purposes and may have the potential to again be used for this purpose, however unless otherwise specified, at the time of sale the item is not considered to be bio-medically certified for use in any jurisdiction. The purchased item(s) is simply a device which operates in the limited manner described in the listing and/or electronic and mechanical components.

The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable:

* for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the equipment;

* for compliance with regulations on ownership or use of the purchased item within the jurisdiction in which the purchaser resides and/or uses the item.

The purchaser, by buying this equipment, indicates their acknowledgment of, and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.

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Return Policy

If you find the item is not as described in the ad it may be returned for a purchase price refund. Generally, all of our items have an inspection warranty which kicks in upon delivery for a period of 7 to 14 days. It is not an operational warranty as most items sold on DOTmed require biomedical certification before use. If you require additional coverage please contact us prior to purchase.
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