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For Sale MINDRAY DC-8 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound

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  • April 23, 2019
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Specifications for MINDRAY DC-8 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound

Warranty: 1 Year Year of Manufacture: 11/2013 MPN: DC-8

Item Summary for MINDRAY DC-8 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound

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NEW MINDRAY DC-8 shared service ultrasound system features advanced technologies with cutting edge ergonomic design to meet all your ultrasound needs. These new systems are excellent for cardiovascular and 3/4D applications. The DC-8 system is comparable to the Philips iU22, great value at a reasonable price.

*1 YEAR WARRANTY which may be extended to best fit your needs.

-3T Transducer Technology™ - increases bandwidth and transmission efficiency.
-Echo Boost™ - adaptive signal processing technology providing better image brightness and visualization of tissue layers.
-Auto IMT - measurements of carotid artery Intimal Medial wall thickness.
-Stress Echo
-TDI/TDI QA- allows to quantitatively eveluate local myocardial movement and function.
-Free Xros M- enables to gain precise cardiac observation by freely placing sample lines at any angle.
-Free Xros CM- attain higher frame-rate providing accurate results.
-Lateral Gain Compensation- allows for easy optimization on technically difficult patients.
-Contrast Imaging-high performance real-time imaging to enhance visualization of pathological structures.
-Elastography- assesses tissue elasticity to help distinguish between cystic and solid lesions.
-HR Flow- better visualizes tiny vessels and complex flow patterns with extraordinary spatial resolution.
-Full Connectivity with DICOM, DVD, DVR and photo printer.

-iBeam™ spatial compounding using multiple scan angles to form a single image with enhanced contrast resolution for better visualization
-iScape™ provides real-time panoramic imaging of large structures in a single sweep
-iTouch™ offers single-button image optimization that provides excellent image uniformity
-iClear™ speckle suppression and edge enhancement technology improves contrast resolution to differentiate between normal and abnormal structures
-iZoom™ one-touch expands displayed image for viewing at a distance
-iNeedle™ enhances needle visualization to aid in biopsy procedures
-iWorks is a powerful protocol management system beneficial for all ultrasound practitioners.
- iWorksOB is a dedicated extension of iWorks, designed to work easily with the random movements of the fetus

C5-2E Convex Array Transducer (FBW: 2-5 MHz)
C7-3E Micro-Convex Array Transducer (FBW: 5-8MHz)
C11-3E Micro-Convex Array Transducer (FBW 4-11MHz)
V11-3E Micro-Convex Array Endocavity Transducer (FBW: 5-8MHz)
V11-3WE Micro-Convex Array Endocavity Transducer Wide FOV (FBW: 3-11MHz)

L7-3E Linear Array Transducer (FBW: 3-7 MHz)
L12-3E Linear Array Transducer (FBW: 4-10 MHz)
L14-6NE Linear Array Transducer (FBW: 6-14MHz)
L14-6WE Linear Array Transducer (FBW: 6-14 MHz)

P4-2E Phased Array Transducer (FBW: 2-4 MHz)

D6-2EOB/GYN 4D Transducer: 4D realtime imaging, requires 4D support
DE10-3E Ultrasonic 4D Endocavity Transducer




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