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  • Original Price :$1,999.99 USD
  • Asking Price :$1,799.99 USD (10% Off)
  • Condition : Used - Good
  • Est. Shipping(US) : $350.00 USD Bulk Item
  • Weight : 110.00 Lbs
  • Qty. Available : 2
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Ships Within : 2 Days
  • Date : November 30, 2023
  • Listing # : 4433217
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Item Description

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing..

Listing: #4433217

  • Condition: Used - Good
  • Brand: LEYBOLD
  • Type: Vacuum Equipment
  • MPN: 960362V01
  • Depth: 24 inches
  • Height: 24 inches
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Warranty: 14 day inspection
This 2021 German made gas vacuum pump appears to be in great shape. It has a replacement value of about $13000 USD. It is sold here untested (for now) as it came without the proprietary power cord which is in the process or being ordered. There is no apparent damage on the pump which is bolted to its original shipping pallet. There is an oil stain on the front of the pallet indicating it has been tilted at that end at some point.

You are welcome to buy and try this pump and return it for a purchase price refund if it is found to have a serious defect. You can also wait for a power supply to come in and take your chances that someone else will beat you to the deal. Please feel free to check with the manufacturer to see what remaining warranty it may have on it.
The P/N is and 960362V01 the S/N is 960362V133435294164122

An identical second pump made in 2019 is available. It includes a vacuum tubing and a 220 V plug and cord. The price is $250 less. The S/N is:

Pumping speed (50/60 Hz): 22.7 / 27.7 cfm
Ultimate pressure: < 1.1 Torr
Mains connection: 200-240 V, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz
Inlet connection: KF-25

The Leybold SV 40 BIFC Vacuum Pumps are designed for pumping of inert gases in the range of rough vacuum, between atmospheric pressure and ultimate pressure of pump.
When Leybold SV 40 BI is used to remove condensable vapors, periodic opening of the gas ballast valve will be required. The pump allows space saving in your developments with minimum customer design constraints. It has improved lubrication circuits and mechanical tolerances provide a constant low noise level at all working pressures. This provides a new standard in work area comfort to those operating your system. All lubrication circuits as well as the gas ballast system have been integrated into the pumps’ major components allowing limited sealings and a reduced number of parts. As a result, improved product reliability and durability is gained with prolonged maintenance intervals. This model of pump carries on with the proven and user-friendly maintenance concept of the former generation. All maintenance points are located on the front of the pump. Enhancements include an unambiguous angle mounted oil-sight glass offering visibility from two sides and a unique system that allows an easier exhaust demister replacement.

Sogevac® pumps are designed for pumping of inert gases in the range of rough vacuum, between atmospheric pressure and ultimate pressure of the pump. When removing condensable vapors, periodic opening of the gas ballast valve is required.
1.1 Principle of operation
The Sogevac® pumps are single-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. The rotor, having three slots in which the vanes are sliding, is eccentrically installed in a pump cylinder (stator). The vanes separate the interior space into 3 chambers. The volume of these chambers varies with the rotation of the rotor. The gas sucked into the inlet chamber is compressed and then pushed out at the exhaust valve. The oil injected in the inlet chamber guarantees the air-tightness, the lubrication and cooling of the pump. It is dragged off by the compressed gases and roughly separated by gravity when entering in the oil sump. A fine separation is then operated in the exhaust filter. An internal transfer pushes the collected oil back into the vacuum generator, the transfer is operated by a float valve to avoid atmospheric air coming from the oil casing to the inlet of the pump when no oil is present in the recovery system. The oil circulation functions by differential pressures.
The pumps are equipped with a gas ballast valve for pumping condensable vapors. The anti suckback valve at the inlet flange avoids oil coming back into the inlet line when the pump is stopped. This is valid for working pressures below 100 mbar and under the condition that the valve is kept clean and in good condition. The anti suck-back valve is not a safety valve. If oil back flowing is to be avoided by all means, it is necessary to mount a separate safety valve on the pump inlet.
Some variants are equipped with a frequency converter giving a constant pumping speed independently of the mains frequency and regulating the pump power consumption. At high inlet pressures, the pump speed is decreased. The pump speed can be reduced to 900 rpm (idle mode) to reduce the power consumption w/o loss of end pressure on some pump variants. In this idle mode, the pump inlet pressure must remain below 10 mbar

Inlet Connection: KF-25
Outlet Connection: KF-25
Pumping Speed (50 Hz): 22.7 cfm
Pumping Speed (60 Hz): 27.7 cfm
Ultimate Pressure w/Gas Ballast: < 1.1 Torr
Ultimate Pressure without Gas Ballast: < 0.4 Torr
Operating Fluid: PFPE LVO 420 / L42001
Operating Fluid Capacity: 1.0 l
Rotational Speed (50 Hz): 1500 rpm
Rotational Speed (60 Hz): 1800 rpm
Weight: 99.3 lbs / 45 kilos

Possible Applications:
Compact design for analytical field
Very low and constant noise level in any working condition
Integrated functions
Simplified maintenance
Vacuum processing
Central vacuum systems
Drying / Filling
Freeze Drying
Leak testing

Manuals and brochures detailing this pump are available from the manufacturer and its distributors in PDF format at no cost. If you cannot find one, please write and we will share one with you.

US buyers will pay no Canadian or US state taxes. We will cover all import costs and tariffs as "shipping" expenses. There will be a 6% tariff levied by US Customs because this EU produced product has no been granted an exemption.

Shipping will be at cost and will be quoted based on the customer being a commercial, educational or medical entity with access to a loading dock and or forklift. Buyers not so situated can have the pump delivered to a freight depot for pick up or, at added expense, have it offloaded curbside by a truck with a powered liftgate. This pump can be sent by UPS Ground as well, however this type of carrier 's routine handling of this device will present a significant chance of damage (buyer's risk).

Customers in Canada will be charged the Federal GST at 5%. No provincial sales taxes or HST will be charged as the shipment originates in Alberta where there are none of these taxes. Shipping within Canada will likely be less than to US locations. Please write if you are interested and an estimate of your total costs will be prepared in Canadian $.

Buyers in other locations should write for a shipping estimate in advance of purchase

Return Policy

If you find the item is not as described in the ad it may be returned for a purchase price refund. Generally, all of our items have an inspection warranty which kicks in upon delivery for a period of 7 to 14 days. It is not an operational warranty as most items sold on DOTmed require biomedical certification before use. If you require additional coverage please contact us prior to purchase.
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