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STI manufacturers Imaging Tables-Pain Management, Vascular, Urology Tables

STI offers a wide variety of imaging tables, all our tables have a 500lb capacity, 4 year warranty & have the ability to come up to 5 movements. The carbon fiber rectangular 24" x 84" offer a crystal clear image.

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Quest Imaging Solutions offers several makes and models of Imaging tables to meet your needs. We carry Stryker, Medstone, Oakworks, and more. Call us today for the best pricing and customer service around.



STERIS Surgigraphic 6000 C-Arm Table For Sale

OR Table Steris surgigraphic 6000 BSDI ref: 10.233 YOM: 2010 Sn: 0428108004 Under contract maintenance AVailable: Now Include NEW PALM... view more

March 12  
Dustin Bradley / BSDI
phone: +33 782123526

AMSCO 3080 C-Arm Table For Sale

Steris Amsco 3080 RL Operating Room Table TABLES WITH NEW MATTRESS WORKS GREAT Capacity: 500lb Includes Remote Available... view more

March 25