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Technical Assistance & Parts for MRI Scanners 24h/7 days Call 813-925-1314

ElsMed engineers are located in four different countries. 24 hour response time to any service call. Service agreement provided for end-users range from a 6 month period to a 3 year period and covers all system spare parts.

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

ProCare - Let us keep your MRI system up and Running with Confidence!

ProCare ensures that the medical equipment you rely upon performs at an optimum level! Our engineers take pride in fast response time leading to less down time! Let us keep you Running With Confidence! Call 855.367.4330 to speak direct with an engineer.




Service For HITACHI-ALOKA Alpha 7 touch screen L-Key-93H Repair team: 10 years experience Shared Service

Maintenance Hitachi Aloka Alpha 7 touch screen L-Key-93H P/N: L-Key-93H Repair time:2-4 days Warranty after fixed:60 days Repair service for various Aloka Alpha 5/Alpha 7/Alpha 10... view more

April 01  

Service For HOLOGIC Discovery W Full Repair Capabilities Bone Densitometer

Full service contracts - we can maintain your machines with our staff of trained engineers. On site service - our technician will visit your location to perform service on your machine. Depot... view more

April 01  

Service For GE Optima 450- W Full Service/Installation/Parts/Cryogens MRI Scanner

Sales, Installation & Relocation / Parts, Full On-Site Service, Support & Maintenance: Fixed & Mobile... view more

March 31