Dunlee announces success of distribution strategy in China
Imaging deep learning AI successes kick off SIIM 2019
Researchers show how they are using AI to enhance imaging capabilities
Bracco Imaging to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics for $450 million
Will gain rights over Axumin
Admittance for radiology residencies based on looks, says study
Discriminates against obese or unattractive candidates
Seven macro trends impacting today’s nurse leaders
And what nurses need to do to navigate today’s shifting healthcare paradigm
Office manager for radiology practice sentenced to five years for fraud
Arranged kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals
AI model predicts malignant breast cancer as well as humans: IBM
Incorporates mammogram and EHR data in predictions
Siemens showcases works in progress at SNMMI
Includes TeamPlay, syngo Virtual Cockpit and a number of AI algorithms
Three ways internet isolation technology protects healthcare from cyberattacks
Taking vulnerability out of the online experience
MiE showcases cardiac PET scanner, Ancoris, at SNMMI
Provides simultaneous 3D cardiac PET perfusion and CFR
First dual PET isotope scans performed on living organism
Discussed at SNMMI 2019 Annual Meeting
Focusing on safety during labor and delivery drives consumer choice
Bringing a competitive advantage to your hospital
AI tool for Alexa and smart devices detects cardiac arrest in sleeping patients
Monitors patients for agonal breathing
Philips shares insights on PET/CT utilization trends at SNMMI
Continued growth in use expected through 2019
Software innovations for patient-specific theranostics and molecular radiotherapy
Trends that will impact the future of medicine
GE debuts Discovery IQ Gen 2 PET/CT system at SNMMI
Equipped with MotionFree to prevent blurring of images
Hologic puts forth $85 million offer to buy SuperSonic Imagine
An entry into cart-based breast ultrasound market
Rethinking training and education for the future of medicine at SNMMI
Discussing innovations and efforts of SNMMI Technologist Section
Theranostics continue to gain momentum
Investments ramp up but challenges remain
FIME Product Showcase
A few of the solutions you can find on display at the show
SNMMI Product Showcase
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