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Here you'll find insider perspectives from thought leaders in the health care industry on the most important issues and events of the day. For DOTmed HCB News, Voices is a place where candid opinions take the form of interviews, contributed content, and our company president's ongoing Jacobus Report.
How advances in handheld ultrasound will impact the doctor’s office
Insights from Jyoti Gera, general manager for primary & affordable care at GE Healthcare
Q&A with ESR president, Prof. Boris Brkljačić
Building partnerships toward a unified imaging community
Coronavirus, unexpected impact
The Jacobus Report
We’ll be talking more about fixing interoperability with AI in 2020. Here’s why.
Insights from David Lareau, CEO of Medicomp Systems
The critical role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in achieving high-value care
Insights from Charlie Clarke, senior vice president of technology at hc1
Pre⁠existing conditions
The Jacobus Report
World Cancer Day 2020: Addressing unmet need in women’s cancers
Richard Hausmann, president and CEO of Elekta, shares his views
Top healthcare IT predictions for 2020
Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder and COO of DrChrono, shares his take on what's coming in the next 12 months
NICUs transitioning away from shift work to improve patient health, worker health and hospital costs
Insights from Dr. Kevin Kathrotia, managing partner and chief operating officer of Millennium Neonatology
'Medicare for All' versus pre⁠existing conditions
The Jacobus Report
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