Over 200 Total Lots Up For Auction at One Location - UT 06/15

    In Memoriam -- Woody Whetstone
    by Philip F. Jacobus 03/12/2008

    Woody Whetstone, industry icon, one of the founders of IAMERS and a past president, died this week.

    DOTmed Users Impacted by Katrina
    by Philip F. Jacobus 09/03/2005

    DOTmed is offering suggestions for those impacted by Katrina. We hope these will be useful if you want to help or if you know someone in need of help.

    Neuromed Solutions Files for Bankruptcy
    by Philip F. Jacobus 08/03/2005

    Neuromed Solutions GmbH filed for bankruptcy in July in a court in Germany. It is rumored that more than $400,000 in equipment deposits were lost in the process. One NJ based firm in the USA claims to have lost $140,000.

    FDA (CDRH) Issues Annual Radiation Report
    by Philip F. Jacobus 06/29/2005

    2-year review of CDRH's Radiological Health Program suggests problems stem from how radiation equipment is used.

    FDA and 3rd Party Service of Medical Equipment, Are Changes on the Horizon?
    by Philip F. Jacobus 06/22/2005

    Over the last few months a number of hospital-based and third-party engineers have contacted DOTmed to ask our opinion about what is happening at the FDA regarding radiological equipment regulations.

    DOTmed to Expand News Service, Track Trade Shows and Industry Activity
    by Philip F. Jacobus 05/16/2005

    Now that DOTmed has more than 10,000 people a day visiting our site, we think it is time to expand our News Service. We intend to report on trade shows, the comings and goings of people in the industry, new products, and the services offered by companies in the field. We will also be writing about the DOTmed 100 companies and what they have done to be voted the "Best" by our users.

    Leon Gugel former Atlantis salesperson forms new company
    by Philip F. Jacobus 05/16/2005

    After working more than 6 years for Atlantis Worldwide Leon Gugel has decided to form his own company Metropolis International www.metropolismedical.com

    FBI Investigating Fraud in Used Medical Equipment Industry
    by Philip F. Jacobus 02/28/2005

    In a telephone conversation with Special Agent B. Chiarito, I was told the FBI office in Cleveland, Ohio is investigating fraud in the used medical equipment field.

    DOTmed Meets with More than 1100 Companies at Arab Health
    by Philip F. Jacobus 02/21/2005

    Arab Health was a great success for DOTmed and the other companies that participated in the show. Representatives of more than 1100 companies stopped by our booth to learn about DOTmed and the services we offer. More than 100 DOTmed users also stopped by to introduce themselves.

    DOTmed Offers New Charity Service
    by Philip F. Jacobus 01/24/2005

    DOTmed has created a new charity service to help the December 26th Tsunami victims and others in need.

    Clark Wilkins offers MRI Price Predictions for 2005
    by Philip F. Jacobus 01/20/2005

    The well-known president of JDIS predicts the prices of used short-bore MRIs will drop in 2005.

    DOTmed Users Request Scam Alerts
    by Philip F. Jacobus 12/13/2004

    In response to numerous requests from our users, DOTmed has dedicated part of our Honest & Dishonest Dealings Forum to report possible scams.

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