Diagnostix Plus Inc. Presents the IMM CX 250 C Plus Digital Bedside Gamma Camera

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Diagnostix Plus Inc. Presents the IMM CX 250 C Plus Digital Bedside Gamma Camera

by Amanda Doreson, Project Manager | January 29, 2007
Diagnostix Plus' new
Gamma Camera can
travel easily to the
patient's bedside.

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The CX 250 C Plus is affordable, mobile, and lightweight. It is a new Gamma Camera engineered to travel easily to the patient bedside for ICU, CCU and ER applications. It brings nuclear medicine to the patient when the patient cannot come to nuclear medicine.

CX 250 C Plus is a new Anger digital gamma camera that is easy to maneuver. The compact design allows convenient storage options. It offers a large selection of collimators to support most applications and radiopharmaceuticals. The digital detector is designed to deliver superior performance with optimized acquisition speed, resolution, uniformity and stability.

DICOM® 3 software is available for PACS compatibility, data sharing and storage. Shielding and crystal thickness are user selected to match the imaging needs of your nuclear medicine service. The CX 250 C Plus digital design provides improved reliability. Fewer components to fail results in fewer service calls. With a PC platform and Windows XP® operating system, the CX 250 C Plus mobile gamma camera is easy to learn and operate.

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