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Expiration date technology helps reduce medical supply waste

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | January 09, 2018
MADISON, WI, January 4, 2018 - Pinpoint Software announces the release of Date Check Pro for Healthcare, a mobile application for managing expiration dates of supplies, to help hospitals reduce waste associated with discarding unused items. Date Check Pro for Healthcare is based on the company's popular Date Check Pro software used in grocery and retail since 2011.

"Date Check Pro is a leader in helping grocery stores improve expiration date management while ensuring only quality products remain on store shelves for their customers," said Andrew Hoeft, CEO of Pinpoint Software. "By providing a similar software, customized for healthcare environments, it is now possible for hospitals to manage expiration dates of supplies and equipment used in patient care and labs with the same efficiency as high volume retailers."

Although expiration date management remains a top priority among hospitals because of the impact on quality and safety, the Joint Commission named the problem of expired supplies within the number one and number four most challenging standards for hospitals to accomplish in their most recent Challenging Ambulatory Care Standards list. In addition, the cost associated with expired and wasted supplies and equipment has reached over $5 billion in the U.S. according to a PNC Healthcare and GHX quantitative research study.

The Date Check Pro for Healthcare app works by highlighting only the inventory at risk of expiring soon and prompts an employee to take actions specific to each item such as moving it to a higher use area or return to vendor for trade or credit. "Hospitals are required to manage expiration dates, but most rely on the full inventory rotation method where every item is checked every time," according to Huey Zoroufy, Market Development Director for Healthcare at Pinpoint. "By identifying the 5% of 10% of items that actually need to be checked each time along with the best action to take, physical checks optimized by Date Check Pro for Healthcare significantly reduce the labor hours and loss compared to most current methods."

For more information on Date Check Pro for Healthcare visit datecheckhealth.com. Pinpoint Software is a venture-backed technology company located in Madison, WI dedicated to improving operational efficiencies using their software solutions. Pinpoint Software's products include their flagship Date Check Pro and Date Check Pro for Healthcare expiration date management software solutions, Taskle store audit and task management software solution, and Stop Waste Together, a non-profit initiative aimed at reducing food waste.

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