Healthcare IT solutions provider, Comport, explains the benefits of medical image archiving system

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Healthcare IT solutions provider, Comport, explains the benefits of medical image archiving system

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 30, 2019 Health IT
RAMSEY, N.J., Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced medical technology has improved virtually every aspect of care. Medical imaging currently plays a critical role in diagnostics, while also providing considerable value in patient follow-up and research efforts. With an increasing volume of images, however, comes the need for robust and reliable healthcare IT solutions. Healthcare IT Solutions provider, Comport, points to medical image archiving as one of the most promising opportunities in modern healthcare. A few key benefits of a medical image archiving system are highlighted below.

Accessibility. Instant accessibility is imperative for medical archives, which may be called upon for diagnostic purposes or even when defending against medical malpractice litigation. In either situation, timing is critical. When advanced medical archiving solutions are employed, key data can be retrieved quickly and from a variety of locations. Once committed to storage, medical images and other records become static, remaining reliably unchanged until they are called upon minutes, months, or even years later.

Security. Healthcare organizations are increasingly vulnerable to a wide array of threats. Medical data in particular is highly valuable to hackers. A variety of healthcare data breaches have hit headlines in recent years, with malware and ransomware leading the pack, compromising the security of thousands of patients. Medical image archiving solutions amp up security to ensure that critical data remains safe and only accessible to authorized parties.


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Cost-Effective. Medical image archives can prove to be extraordinarily cost-effective, especially as compared to using your data backups for archive purposes. Cost savings attributed to archiving primarily arrive by way of increased efficiency. Organizations that employ strategic archiving solutions minimize recovery and retrieval time. Effective archival also minimizes storage requirements for key applications and file servers. Instant access to medical data can provide considerable cost savings in the event of litigation or regulatory compliance issues.

Scalable. Between the recently increased volume of medical images and the obligation to retain these records for several years, scalable solutions are critical. Medical image archiving systems should grow alongside healthcare providers. Ideally, these solutions will remain accessible, secure, and cost-effective, regardless of expansion.

The value of medical image archives cannot be denied in this age of big data. The right medical image archiving solution can make all the difference for modern healthcare organizations and the patients they serve.

Since 1982, award-winning IT services partner Comport has helped to improve enterprise digital architectures for healthcare companies across the world. Our customers include leading enterprises in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, media, retail, law firms, and universities. Comport Healthcare Technology Solutions provider has established a cutting edge cloud-based solution for cloud managed services. ComportSecure solutions include advanced IT datacenters, mobility security, and networking. Comport healthcare technology solutions set the standard for security and accessibility in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

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