Deloitte and AVIA expand relationship and commit to strategic collaboration for healthcare innovation and transformation

Deloitte and AVIA expand relationship and commit to strategic collaboration for healthcare innovation and transformation

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 17, 2019 Health IT
Chicago, IL – AVIA, the leading partner for digital health insights, strategic guidance, and consulting services, announced today that it is expanding its relationship with Deloitte, the industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services organization.

This new agreement strengthens the long-standing, strategic collaboration between AVIA and Deloitte, two organizations that share a passion for healthcare innovation and transformation. Deloitte will look to AVIA for market intelligence on the digital health landscape and trends in emerging technologies, business models, and investments. AVIA will benefit from Deloitte’s thought leadership and deep experience in areas including data interoperability, analytics, AI and cognitive healthcare provider strategy, as well as transformation and workforce trends. Both organizations have committed senior executives to fostering the relationship and enhancing healthcare delivery through this work together.

“AVIA and Deloitte share a meaningful connection; we’re both driven to accelerate innovation in support of health and wellbeing,” said David Betts, LSHC Industry Insights Leader, principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Life Sciences and Health Care practice. “We recognize the full potential of digital to dismantle traditional healthcare boundaries and appreciate all the work to be done. This strategic collaboration empowers us to share our individual knowledge so we can both take action in bold, creative, and more informed ways that move the healthcare industry forward.”

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AVIA and Deloitte recently put a spotlight on this expanded collaboration at the 2019 AVIA Network Summit, at which Deloitte took the stage to present “The Future of Health.” Hosted in Chicago in June, the invitation-only event convened 200+ healthcare executive leaders from 45+ of the largest, most forward-thinking health systems in the country. Deloitte shared its perspective on a future defined by radically interoperable data; open, secure platforms; and personalized artificial intelligence that enables hyper-engaged and empowered consumers to own their journey of health.

“We’re thrilled to team with Deloitte on this journey. We share the same big vision for the future – a shift from ‘healthcare’ to ‘health’ to ‘wellbeing,’” said Eric Langshur, AVIA Co-founder and CEO. “Deloitte’s presentation at our annual Network Summit encapsulated the dramatic industry shift that we’re all experiencing, as well as the role that we can all take in applying health innovation to push our collective vision forward.”

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