Health Technology Alliance launches new activities, energy

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Health Technology Alliance launches new activities, energy

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | February 14, 2020 Health IT
As health technology becomes increasingly connected, coordination between the fields of healthcare technology management, clinical engineering, and IT is more important than ever. That's why AAMI is joining forces with two other organizations to bring more information technology (IT)-related resources to the healthcare technology management (HTM) and IT communities.

The Health Technology Alliance (HTA), a joint collaboration between AAMI, the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE), and the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), has already lined up several projects for 2020.

“The past year was spent redefining the alliance’s mission and building a strong bond among our three organizations,” said Danielle McGeary, AAMI’s vice president of HTM. “ACCE, AAMI, and HIMSS members have immense expertise; bringing these associations together to achieve a common goal creates a powerful solution.”

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The HTA is working to do a better job of collaborating with its representative fields of HTM and IT, added Stephen L. Grimes, principal consultant at Strategic Healthcare Technology Associates and member of the HTA Steering Committee.

“Our aim is to provide guidance and assistance to these professionals as they work to support the constantly evolving and converging information and medical technologies,” he said.

The precursor to the HTA was started by AAMI, ACCE, and HIMSS in 2008 as the CE-IT Community, which evolved into the HTA in 2017. Recently, the alliance consolidated AAMI’s former Wireless Strategy Task Force (WSTF), a group of experts working to clarify the roles and responsibilities of wireless technology management and offer guidance to the health technology field.

“The Internet of Things has come to healthcare … all of the devices that have been ‘dumb’ are becoming ‘smart’ and connected,” added Michael Marchant, director of health information exchange and system integration at UC Davis Health and member of the HTA committee. “This interoperability brings a whole host of new challenges for healthcare institutions’ HTM/CE and IT departments. HTA will hopefully help these three groups work better together in this new Internet of Healthcare Things.”

New Resources for the Community
HTA’s newly integrated WSTF is preparing to publish a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to tackle many of the most pressing IT-issues seen in the healthcare environment. This document updates group’s 2014 wireless FAQ document to better reflect the current state of the industry with connected technologies. It includes updated answers to long-standing issues, with expanded sections on security, Bluetooth technology, risk mitigation, and troubleshooting IEEE 802.11 connectivity issues.

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