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Shields Health Care Group deploys eRAD RIS to streamline efficiency across enterprise

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | May 03, 2021 Health IT PACS / Enterprise Imaging
GREENVILLE, S.C., May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- eRAD, a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT), a leading provider of RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solutions, announced today that Shields Health Care Group has successfully deployed eRAD's RIS across all of its imaging locations.

Shields provides multi-modality services throughout New England at outpatient imaging sites and in partnership with hospitals. "We have different requirements for each of our joint venture partners in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine, and those workflows are changing all the time," said Christine Mavilia, Chief Talent Officer at Shields and project lead for the eRAD implementation. "For that reason, flexibility was an important criterion. For example, our scheduling team handles appointments for 20 different partnerships, each with specific needs. The eRAD system drives accuracy and customization as it relates to this complexity in our business. eRAD's RIS will reduce training time for new hires, allowing our team to focus on patient care and satisfying the needs of our referring physicians."

Shields' primary search criterion was for a strategic partner. "We wanted to move forward with a team that shared our vision, and that is committed to future growth and change," said Mavilia. "Shields is very focused on what is best for the patients and our referring community. eRAD is attuned to what patients want and is continuously developing features that give more options, such as enabling patients to schedule their own exams." With eRAD, Shields will streamline registration by providing digital forms to patients before their visits, and eRAD's RADAR technology enables automated outreach to patients. "Automatically delivering visit information, preparation instructions, and maps to our locations provides a better experience for our patients," Mavilia stated.

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Shields' IT team worked with eRAD's technical team to perform a detailed analysis of all workflow requirements. "Our IT team is knowledgeable and sophisticated in evaluating these systems, and eRAD really won them over," said Mavilia. "We have worked with a lot of technology vendors, and this has been our best support experience. Working with eRAD employees has been a great experience."

Dave Cunningham, VP of Sales for eRAD, added, "Shields presented eRAD with a unique and complex workflow. The inherent interoperability capabilities of the eRAD RIS, along with the expertise of the in-house Shields team, allowed us to provide a solution that meets all of their existing needs and positions Shields for the future. We are excited to offer solutions to successfully meet the complexities of Shields' operations."

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