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Agamon adds lung cancer screening management to radiology workflow automation stack

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 22, 2021 Artificial Intelligence Health IT
NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Health-tech startup Agamon empowers healthcare providers with data-driven, automated radiology workflow solutions.

The company is known for Agamon Coordinate — a care coordination platform that manages the radiology follow-up process and brings more patients back for follow-ups, automatically. Agamon Coordinate is the only radiology follow-up tool available in the US that's truly powered by deep learning natural language processing (NLP) models, which means the platform can detect and interpret information in free-text radiology reports with industry-leading accuracy.

Agamon launches automation platform for Lung Cancer Screening programs.

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Agamon is now officially a certified software partner of the American College of Radiology LCSR. Which means healthcare providers can utilize the Agamon platform to automate lung cancer program management end-to-end, including submitting data to the LCSR.

Agamon Coordinate for Lung Cancer Screening enables healthcare providers to:

- Automate your screening program end-to-end, from findings detection, communication and follow-up tracking

- Identify eligible patients and notify them of your program, automatically

- Automatically detect information in reports, such as incidental findings, and alert the relevant stakeholders

- Automatically submit data to the LCSR for Medicare reimbursement

Agamon CEO Michal Meiri said Agamon Coordinate was developed "to close communication gaps and prevent late diagnosis, which occurs when information like incidental findings gets overlooked in radiology reports. The idea was to make the radiology follow-up process as accurate and automatic as possible, free of time-consuming, manual tasks".

"We're excited to have become an LCSR software partner. It means providers can use our software to not only automate early detection program management, but also make certified submissions to the LCSR. Providing a true end-to-end solution that ultimately saves time and brings more patients in for potentially life-saving scans," said Michal.


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