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Anumana acquires NeuTrace, establishing comprehensive electrophysiology deep-learning development platform and product pipeline

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 09, 2022 Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs Cardiology
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Anumana, an AI-driven health technology company and portfolio company of nference, announced today it has acquired NeuTrace, a medical technology company advancing novel in-procedure AI applications for electrophysiology (EP). The acquisition includes the NeuTrace EP Data Biome platform and a portfolio of AI-enabled EP software applications in development. As part of the transaction, nference acquired rights to the Data Biome platform for uses outside of the cardiovascular field.

The acquisition positions Anumana as a leader in AI medical software development for cardiac electrophysiology, with a combined development capability - powered by nference’s nSights real world evidence generation platform - that can integrate a patient’s entire electronic medical record (EMR) with corresponding electrocardiograms (ECG) taken from the surface of the body and cardiac electrograms (EGM) taken from within the heart.

Rooted in deep data science and covered by more than 35 pending and registered patents, the NeuTrace EP Data Biome is a proprietary and device-agnostic platform for holistic in-procedure data integration and novel real-time AI applications. A portfolio of EP applications is under development with the potential to increase procedure accuracy, reduce procedure time, and improve patient safety and outcomes. Advanced deep learning techniques on in-procedure EGM and ECG data feeds, combined with pre- and post-procedure ECG and EMR data records, will enable new and improved ECG-AI based diagnostic and pre-diagnostic algorithms for early disease detection and treatment.

“Anumana is pioneering new ground in cardiology AI software solutions that span the entire patient journey,” said David McMullin, chief business officer of Anumana. “With its deep learning models detecting patterns too subtle for the human eye to see, from undiagnosed disease in routine ECGs to real-time EGM signals during critical EP procedures, Anumana is on a mission to improve patient care by unlocking the electrical language of the heart as never before.”

“We’ve been impressed by the complementary depth, breadth, and strength of the Anumana and nference teams and are excited by the transformative potential of the combined organizations,” said Srijoy Mahapatra, M.D., president and chief operating officer of NeuTrace. “Combining the power of NeuTrace’s EP Data Biome with EMR and other data modalities of nference’s nSights platform has the potential to unlock game-changing AI applications in early cardiovascular disease detection, rhythm management, and EP procedure safety, efficacy, and effectiveness, for improved long-term outcomes.”

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