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Oxipit introduces quality assurance for MSK, MG, and CT modalities

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 21, 2022 CT Women's Health X-Ray
AI medical imaging company Oxipit expanded its Quality product suite with quality assurance support for musculoskeletal X-rays, mammography images and lung CT scans. Previously supporting only chest X-rays, the upgraded Quality suite aims to answer all imaging department quality assurance needs with a single product. The updated Quality product will be showcased at RSNA 2022 annual meeting later this month.

Oxipit Quality employs AI as the second reader for quality assurance. The product analyzes final radiologist reports and corresponding medical images. If the application detects an unreported clinically significant finding, it notifies the radiologist to take another look. Operating in near-real-time, the application can prevent diagnostic mistakes before treatment decisions are made.

"AI double-reading is a transformative force for diagnostic quality assurance. Having prevented thousands of clinically important misses across hundreds of thousands of CXR studies, together with our clients, we built a strong conviction for our Quality framework. With added support for the new modalities, we can extend this virtual safety net to the absolute majority of radiology department workflow", says CEO of Oxipit Gediminas Peksys.

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According to Gediminas Peksys, this also marks a strategic milestone for Oxipit, which previously offered products for chest X-rays only.

"For mainstream adoption, AI medical imaging products have to touch upon the full scope of radiology department work, offering diagnostic quality and productivity improvements. By presenting a single point of integration, identical workflow for all imaging modalities, familiar ease of use, AI products can bring tangible benefits to healthcare institutions", adds Gediminas Peksys.

Together with chest X-rays, musculoskeletal studies contribute to the vast majority of imaging studies at a typical medical setting. As with chest studies, MSK studies often include easy-to-miss subtle fractures - especially when operating in a time-constrained emergency care setting.

According to Gediminas Peksys, subtle findings is an area where Oxipit Quality excels.

"In the case of chest X-rays, our deployments indicate that artificial intelligence could significantly boost identification of subtle pulmonary nodules and small infiltrations", adds Gediminas Peksys.

Oxipit Quality product also proved instrumental in improving early lung cancer diagnostics. The joint trial with AstraZeneca and two primary care centers in Lithuania concluded that Oxipit Quality could identify up to 20% more lung cancer cases at a much earlier stage.

"With the added support for mammography studies, this AI powered double reading approach can now be employed in screening for breast cancer", says Gediminas Peksys.

Oxipit will showcase the updated Quality product for the first time at RSNA 2022 annual meeting in Chicago later this month.

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