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Blackford announces partnership with Bialogics to accelerate the use of diagnostic imaging data for AI driven intelligence

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 28, 2022 Artificial Intelligence
November 28, 2022 EDINBURGH, Scotland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blackford, the strategic imaging AI platform and solutions provider, and Bialogics, a leader in the precision analysis of Diagnostic Imaging data today announced their partnership to advance the real-time monitoring of AI performance with in-depth clinical intelligence.

DImax will provide Blackford customers the ability to extract clear operational and clinical insights from their imaging data in real-time and facilitate the adoption of AI to increase operational efficiencies and improved patient care.

The evolution of diagnostic imaging within the cycles of patient care continues to evolve and with much greater demand and complexity. From Requisition to Research, Bialogics creates a closed loop diagnostic imaging ecosystem by integrating multiple sources of data into a single vendor agnostic platform to better document, measure, and analyze business performance, reimbursements, and clinical outcomes.

“Balancing excellent patient care with radiology department efficiency is increasingly challenging, with staff burnout a continuing issue,” said Blackford Founder and CEO Ben Panter. “We’re excited to partner with Bialogics help provide clinicians and healthcare administrators a more comprehensive suite of business and clinical intelligence tools.”

With its latest DImax enterprise analytics software Bialogics is expanding it core business and clinical intelligence capabilities with AI Performance Reporting. Comparing AI output with Bialogics Clinical Intelligence analysis of the diagnostic report enables real time AI performance monitoring, with concordance, discordance, sensitivity, and specificity tracking. DImax completes the data lifecycle with de-identifying clinical data extraction for AI and machine learning research.

“A much greater need exists today for the consolidation of all sources of data into a single vendor agnostic platform that manages the data across its lifecycle, including the need to leverage this data securely for research and the future maturation of AI,” said Jeff Vachon, President and CEO of Bialogics. “We’re pleased to partner with an experienced platform provider like Blackford to be able to extend the benefits Bialogics provides to more healthcare organizations.”

About Bialogics
Bialogics is a leader in the precision analysis of Diagnostic Imaging data and patient workflows, creating a real-time ecosystem for driving the accelerated use of clinical and operational data to improve business performance, and clinical outcomes.

About Blackford
Blackford provides tailored tools and services to unlock the value of imaging AI, drive efficiencies, and improve patient outcomes. For over a decade, Blackford has worked in partnership with leading hospitals and ground-breaking technology providers to integrate best-fit AI into clinical workflows to realize ongoing value. Partnering with Blackford provides healthcare organizations access to the widest available portfolio of AI solutions via a single tried-and-tested platform.

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