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Do You Provide Financing, Leasing, Insurance, Logistics to the Healthcare Industry? This Insider Is For You!

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | August 06, 2008
If you provide non-medical services to the healthcare industry like financing or shipping how do you efficiently get your message in front of all the potential customers you want to reach?

Medical industry trade magazines are an option, but if you've looked at their ad prices lately, you know they're not cheap.

Direct mail is another thought, but that's really best for a special offer kind of deal.

Well how about the Internet? Ah, now we're talking. And that's where every savvy advertiser is headed these days.

Now there are literally hundreds of healthcare-related websites to consider, so let me recommend one I know a lot about: good old DOTmed.com.

We get over 11,000 unique visitors a day. That's over 300,000 visits a month and that beats out just about every other medical-related website in the world. We even beat Aunt Minnie on many days.

So we have the high traffic advertisers love. We also have great demographics. You choose the For Sale categories your ad runs in, so if you want to be where the big-ticket items are, like MRIs, then that's where you go.

And we have the other thing advertisers love -- low rates. Check out our Targeted Text Ad program and you'll see what your business should advertise on the DOTmed website. We're all about the business of the business of healthcare.