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HOLOGIC RADEX Direct to Digital Digital Imaging System

Time Left:  Auction Closed
Location:  MN, USA
Bid Closes: Sep 19 - 2:05pm EDT
Manufacturer: HOLOGIC
Model: RADEX Direct to Digital
Seller: Chiropractor

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DirectRaydirect-to-digital X-ray image capture system
* Digital detector array with full field, 14 x 17 inch/34 x 42 cm active image area
* 139 ┬Ám detector element pitch
* Amorphous selenium semiconductor X-ray absorber coating over thin-film transistor detector element matrix
* 3.6 cycles/mm detector Nyquist frequency
* Exposure factors available equivalent up to 400 speed screen-film systems
* Detail equivalent to highresolution screen-film systems
* Wide dynamic range 14-bit data captures; 12-bit output to PACS and film printers

DirectRay Operator Console

The Operator Console interfaces with the DirectRay Detector Array and the X-ray exposure equipment, while providing upstream and downstream connectivity to acquire and transmit patient, exam, and image data in digital format.

Wall-mounted U-arm
* U-arm linked X-ray tube and Bucky
* Vertical travel: 43 inches/109cm
* Horizontal beam height, to floor: 20-63 inches, 51-160 cm
* Arm rotation: 180 cm
* Digital SID display
* Electromechanical positioning brakes
* Automatic collimation with manual override
* Bucky tilt:
* Bucky rotation for portrait and landscape array orientation
* Removable 10:1 grid
* 400,000 heat unit X-ray tube
* 0.6/1.2 mm focal spots
* Optional bracket provides 18" clearance from wall, allowing stretcher-based chest exams
* Optional patient grip

X-ray generator system
* 80 kW high frequency output
* 1000 mA @ 80 kVP
* 800 mA @ 100 kVP
* 500 mA @ 150 kVP
* 40 - 150 kVP
* 25 - 1000 mA
* Generator control integrated into DirectRay Operator Console
* Anatomically programmed radiography (APR) and automatic exposure control (AEC)
* Two-point and three-point manual techniques and manual APR/AEC override capabilities
* Dual speed starter
* Line voltage range 10%
* 400 VAC, 480 VAC, 3 phase
Patient support device
* 300 lb/136 kg weight capacity
* Polycarbonate/plexiglass table top
* Width: 24 inches/61 cm
* Length: 78 inches/199 cm
* Height: 30 inches/77 cm

Specially designed for ambulatory and outpatient general radiography exams.
The Hologic RADEX General Radiographic System is a direct-to-digital,
fully integrated, imaging system for general purpose outpatient radiology. It utilizes a single digital detector to perform a wide variety of general radiography procedures, replacing both the wall
and table Bucky in a conventional radiographic room. The system is designed
for ambulatory patients providing high throughput, excellent image quality, and long-term reliability.
Built to optimize DirectRay direct-to-digital image technology DirectRay technology directly captures and converts X-ray photons into a digital image, with no intermediate steps to compromise image quality.
The RADEX system consists of five major components:
* DirectRayX-ray image capture system
* DirectRay Operator Console
* Wall-mounted U-arm* X-ray generator
* Radiographic table

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