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About Us is the world’s leading public medical equipment marketplace.  We provide a global platform that is built for buying and selling equipment, parts and services, making an integral part of the global medical community.

There are more than 700,000 listings on DOTmed on any given day.  We have over 271,000 registered users and welcome more than 22,000 unique visitors to our site on a daily basis.  DOTmed does not own anything for sale on its website and serves as a hub for buyers and sellers to network with one another directly.

DOTmed also offers Clean Sweep Live Auctions, a service that helps hospitals and healthcare centers free up space by collecting excess medical assets and auctioning them for a profit.  DOTmed hosts an active Service Technicians’ Forum, an Honest/Dishonest Forum and a Charity Forum.  DOTmed also publishes the daily news online and a monthly magazine called DOTmed HealthCare Business News.


News from Beyond DOTmed

Read "Unlocking The Value of Medical Equipment" by Philip F. Jacobus, as it ran in Radiology Management Magazine in September 2013.

Success Stories

Read about an Linac auction and deinstallation Success Story for an Amerinet Member that was so successful, Amerinet made it into a promotional piece for their own use!

Employee Directory

Philip F. Jacobus

President,, Inc.


Phil has been in the used equipment industry for more than 30 years.  He founded DOTmed in 1999.

Barbara Fahringer -- Chief Financial Officer


Barbara has been with DOTmed since it first went online.

Matt Ulman -- Chief Technology Officer



David Blumenthal -- Advertising Sales Director,

212-742-1200 x 224


After joining in 2006 David climbed the ranks and now oversees the National Sales Team.



Gus Iversen -- Editor in Chief, HealthCare Business News

212-742-1200 x 233

Sean Ruck -- Contributing Editor, HealthCare Business News magazine

212-742-1200 x 218


Sean was the editorial director and public relations manager for a national association before joining the DOTmed team in 2008.

Susan Minotillo -- Key Account Manager, HealthCare Business News Magazine

212-742-1200 x 261


Susan was the National Sales Manager for Medical Equipment Magazine, then went on to sell print and online advertising for Diagnostic Imaging magazine. She joined DOTmed as Key Account Manager in 2010.

Tom DiForti -- Online Auction Specialist

212-742-1200 x 277

Colm Ford -- Senior Advertising Sales

212 742-1200 x 241

Winston Leung -- Accounting

212-742-1200 x 216

Dave Ritz -- Operations Manager

212-742-1200 x 232

Kirsten Zajaczkowski -- Senior Executive Assistant

212-742-1200 x 200

Lauren Dubinsky -- Senior Reporter, HealthCare Business News

212-742-1200 x 284

Connie Goon -- Key Account Manager

212-742-1200 x 289

Michael Montes -- Project Manager USA Advertising Sales


212-742-1200 x 217

Llauger A. Minaya --Customer Satisfaction Manager for Latin America 212-742-1200 x 234

Ivona Crnogorac - Project Manager USA and International Advertising Sales

212-742-1200 ext 246

Alex Suvall - Customer Service and Project Manager

212-742-1200  ext 227

John R. Fischer - Staff Reporter for HealthCare Business News

212-742-1200 ext 279

Jon Zaikowski - Project Manager - 212-742-1200 x 288

Mai Hiraoka - Assistant - 212-742-1200 x 209

Jeff Rogers - Project Manager - 212-742-1200 x 239

Adam Morsi - Project Manager - 212-742-1200 x 244

Ashley Iafrate - Executive Assistant - 212-742-1200 x 266, Inc. Gold Parts Vendor Mini Profile


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