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GE Discovery* 690 PET/CT

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Take molecular imaging beyond the clinical practice with the GE Discovery PET/CT 690 - designed to help you forge the future of PET/CT. Investigate with a comprehensive set of research technologies. Advance your protocol flexibility beyond the standards. Unleash the power of accurate reconstruction and reliable results - without clinical compromise. Featuring a unique detector configuration designed for sensitivity and efficiency, the Discovery PET/CT 690 gives you the speed, power and flexibility to forge new frontiers in clinical techniques, drug discovery and motion management.


Clinical and research flexibility
Whether you are performing cutting edge research with new radiotracers or simply want the ability to do so, the Discovery PET/CT 690 provides advanced scientific capabilities, next generation image reconstruction, and outstanding image quality for every exam.

Outstanding image quality & lesion detectability
The Discovery PET/CT 690 harmonizes GE's total system design philosophy to bring you the best image quality and lesion detectability possible. Now with a faster crystal, quicker front end electronics and VUE Point FX intelligent reconstruction, the story is even more clear.

Addressing the biggest clinical challenge in PET/CT... Motion
Motion Match is the next evolution of motion management that may help improve early diagnosis, staging, treatment planning and monitoring by addressing the clinical challenges in areas subject to motion, like the heart and lungs.

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Axial Fov, Mm :
Crystal Size, Mm :
4.7 x 6.3 x 25
2 high-resolution color 19'' LCD, 1280 x 1024
Field of View:
70 cm DFOV with WideView, 50 cm SFOV standard
Gantry Size, Hxwxd,Cm :
193 x 230 x 226 (75.2 x 89.7 x 105 cm)
Gantry Weight, Kg :
6,215 (13,680 lbs.)
Heat Dissipation Rate, Hu/Min :
Anode (maximum) >2100 kHU/min, casing (continuous) 648 kHU/min
Heat Storage, Hu :
8.0 MHU
Installation Needs:
4.42 x 8.39 (14.5 x 27.5) scan room, 2.74 x 4.42 (9 x 14.5) control room
Patient Weight Limit Kg :
Power Supply Voltage:
380-480 VAC nominal, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 100 kVA service, 30 kVA average
Storage Capacity :
DVD RAM: 9.4 GB, total; 4.7 GB, per side, 5.25'' with cartridge support, assigned to scan data file and protocol file storage/retrieval; optional USB 2.0 external hard drive for VIP data off-line storage; optional MOD drive: erasable, rewritable MOD drive 2.3 GB, 5.25'' form factor

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