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The BX51 research microscope features a unique two-component frame design which optimizes mechanical and thermal stability for the most sophisticated microscopy and imaging tasks. Unique accessories address today s imaging challenges and broaden system versatility. The new seven position revolving nosepiece gives rapid access to a greater range of objective magnifications while the universal condenser stretches imaging options with eight positions, available for insertion of phase annuli and DIC prisms. New DIC accessories optimize imaging conditions to the specimen for best image resolution and contrast. For the first time users can select specimen specific DIC equipment.

A new fluorescence illuminator has greatly expanded optical efficiency, extending low light-level fluorescence detection and yielding images with doubled brightness. The filter turret has a 6-cube capacity for highly tailored single and multi-band imaging of new fluorochromes and fluorescent proteins. The illuminator accepts Olympus patented excitation balancers for continuously variable excitation bandwidth, leading to better differentiation of multi-labels and better visibility of detail. A new aspherical collector lens improves light collection from the Mercury or Xenon sources and stretches the achromatic performance to include wavelengths from UV to IR. For freedom of experimentation the illuminator features interchangeable/removable field and aperture diaphragms. The rectangular field diaphragm with adjustable side ratio is an important accessory as it restricts photo bleaching to the precise area being imaged.

An impressive array of Olympus U.I.S. objectives are available to meet any imaging need. Included are high NA oil and water-immersion objectives, objectives for UV application, objectives with chromatic correction and with transmission from 450 1100 nm for 2-photon application and many others.

The extensive range of BX51 accessories includes multiple imaging ports, magnification changers, lightsources, a choice of condensers, a host of other components and, most importantly, sophisticated digital and analog camera systems for true research flexibility.




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