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Rugged Lifepak 15 Reliable in EMS

Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Reliability: 5 / 5 Unique Features: 4 / 5 Software: 3 / 5 Accuracy: 4 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 4 / 5 The Physio Control Lifepak 15 is very Rugged and ... MORE

Life line view

Reliability: 5 / 5 Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5 Accuracy: 5 / 5 Software: 5 / 5 Unique Features: 5 / 5 The display for this AED was designed extremely w... MORE

Great AED

Unique Features: 5 / 5 Software: 5 / 5 Accuracy: 5 / 5 Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Reliability: 5 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5 This AED was built durable, and the interface is ... MORE


Software: 5 / 5 Accuracy: 5 / 5 Reliability: 5 / 5 Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5 Unique Features: 5 / 5 Compact LCD screen is easy to use. Overall a gre... MORE

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Auction Alert - Live Now: ZRG Medical Surplus Auctions August 12th

ZRG Medical closeout auctions on DOTmed.com. Bid today on 112 lots of medical equipment. Inspection available, please contact 760-438-8835 x100 or ZRGauction@zrgmedical.com Equipment Biomed tested with detailed description. Sold As-Is to highest bidder.

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

Auction Alert - Live Now: Tekyard Medical Surplus Auctions August 10th

Tekyard Medical closeout auctions take place on DOTmed.com. Bid today on 336 lots of medical equipment. Onsite or virtual inspection available. Please email at auctions@tekyard.com for an appointment.

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

CARDIAC SCIENCE FirstSave G3 Defibrillator

Cardiac Science Powerheart FirstSave G3 AED Defibrillator with disposable pads and Littium Battery. Cardiac science is the most famous brand of AED Defibrillator in US. using in public places like Gym, university, schools, airports,.. ...

  • Biphasic, Energy, J : 200

CARDIAC SCIENCE Powerheart AED G3 (9300E) Defibrillator

Powerheart AEDs are reliable, easy-to-use, and technologically advanced life-saving devices. • The Powerheart AED calculates electrical impedance for each patient and customizes the energy level delivered. • Patented Rescue Ready daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests ensure anytime functionali...


CARDIAC SCIENCE Powerheart AED G3 Automatic (9300A) Defibrillator

Rescue Ready performance sets apart the PowerHeart from the rest. With constant self-checks for functionality, a Powerheart AED is Rescue Ready when a life depends on it. Features and Benefits *Self-tests all main components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily. *Powerheart Automatic ...

  • Battery : IntelliSense® lithium battery
  • Protocol Configured : 5 energy protocols available.
  • Waveforms : STAR® biphasic truncated exponential.

Auction Alert - Live Now: Therapeutic Technologies Surplus Auctions August 11th

Therapeutic Technologies closeout auctions take place on DOTmed.com. Bid today on 1032 lots of medical equipment. Onsite or virtual inspection available. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting Dawn Lauretta at Dawn@TherapeuticTech.net.

DOTmed 100

DEFIBTECH Lifeline AED Defibrillator

DefibTech Lifeline AED is easy to use. Very simple design with few buttons to help assure the user the ability to save a potential life. ...



The Lifeline AED is a semi-automatic defibrillator that is technologically advanced enough to include all mission critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Yet it is so simple and unintimidating to use that even non-medical personnel can effectivel...


DEFIBTECH Lifeline Auto Defibrillator

Differing from the original Lifeline semi-automatic AED, the Lifeline AUTO AED does not require the rescuer to push a shock button. It shocks automatically when it senses a shockable rhythm. The Lifeline AUTO AED's advanced arrhythmia detection technology reduces the apprehension of concerned people...


In-Stock New and Recertified Defibrillators, Large Selection, Great Value

Call Master Medical today for a great value on our large in-stock selection of Defibrillators including Zoll, Physio Control, Philips with our Low Price Guarantee and Quick shipment. (866)468-9558.

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DEFIBTECH Lifeline ECG Defibrillator

The Lifeline ECG can display either an ECG or video instructions for the rescuer. In video mode or Lifeline VIEW AED mode, the AED provides video and audio step-by-step CPR coaching and guidance on where to place the defibrillating pads and when to begin CPR. For example, when the View's audio says...


DEFIBTECH Lifeline PRO Defibrillator

The Lifeline PRO provides full manual control over shock energy and delivery when operated in manual mode. When in use an ECG appears on the color video display, and the rescuer can select the energy level and decide when to initiate charge and shock. The Lifeline PRO can also be operated in semi-a...