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BE AWARE OF AA Medical Store (AKA Authorized Acquisition)


Rodrigo Henao

BE AWARE OF AA Medical Store (AKA Authorized Acquisition)

August 25, 2021 11:33

Back in January 2021, AA Medical (AKA Authorized Acquisition) Mateo Mazurowski & Aly Ciccio offered us a list of equipment in a Hospital in Chicago. We helped them curate the list and agreed to purchase such equipment. In March we visited the Hospital in Chicago and set aside and marked all our equipment billed and paid to AA Medical. On April 2021 we sent our team of uninstallers, engineers, and trucks to the site to begin the uninstallation of the entire purchase; THAT SAME DAY we were informed that the equipment that belonged to us by Aly Ciccio , had no authorization from the hospital neither the owner to be removed. From that day on, it began to unravel a lot of inconsistent information between AA Medical, the hospital, and Dan, the owners of the equipment billed to us.

To be brief and to the point: AA Medical never had authorization to sell the equipment from the Hospital.

On July 2021, after several conversations with all the parties involved, AA Medical (our “seller”) informs us that they are not responsible for anything that happened in this transaction. They completely forgot that we not only lost time, money, the equipment, and some sales. They think that buying and selling equipment is a game, and they did not take our commitment to this deal, seriously.

We are certain that we do not want to work with companies that do not honor their word like AA Medical and that just want to waste everyone’s time due to their lack of professionalism and knowledge in the medical imaging equipment market. BE AWARE

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