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BE CAREFUL of Jaime Guevara Botero from JG MEDICAL



Aleksei Gordienko

BE CAREFUL of Jaime Guevara Botero from JG MEDICAL

May 29, 2019 10:37

BE VERY CAREFUL w/ Jaime Guevara Botero and Mónica Fajardo from "JG MEDICAL"

JG MEDICAL sold us a very expensive TEE Ultrasound transducer (GE 6VT-D) and stated in writing on the invoice contract; excellent quality, 2 months of warranty and delivery time 3 business days after payment.

Shipment happened only after 9 business days after payment, we had no complaints about that but explained that since arrival date was change we had to reschedule the Quality testing of transducer.

After receipt of transducer it was in que for Quality Control. Afterward the Test results showed serious damage: 1) The probe could not be recognized on the intended for it machine, 2) The tip of probe had several holes.

These test results accompanied with pictures were presented to JG MEDICAL in writing 8 business days from the date transducer were received.

First JG MEDICAL (Jaime Guevara Botero) replied that 8 business days were unacceptable long time for testing. Then the arguments were that transducer were excellent and that the damage were caused by ourselves or by our Customs-authorities (while imported).

We have explained that one problem is physical and can be seen (holes) the other is functional – and that we could impossibly have manipulated with both when the transducer still have sealed housing.

Since that nobody has replied on our many emails or phone calls.

Please stay away from them, this company is dishonest and the warranty and promises about good quality means nothing to them. Their contact below:

NIT 900165552-7
Calle 65#80-50 Bogotá D.C
Tel. +57 3194142208 / +57 3178341982
E-Mail. Jgmedical_sa@hotmail.com
Contact: Jaime Guevara Botero and Mónica Fajardo

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