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Be careful with Ben Norris Stores, aka Jose Dalton & Dr.Grace J

Joe DeJohn

Be careful with Ben Norris Stores, aka Jose Dalton & Dr.Grace J

August 12, 2011 02:37

Ben Norris (Ben Norris Stores of Dallas, TX; supposedly) contacted our company through email to purchase an ultrasound. He initially refused to sign anything, but, eventually offered 2 credit cards to submit split-payments for the unit. Our bank caught the suspicious payments and informed us that they were stolen cards. Upon further investigation into Ben Norris, I found forums on him and his aliases (or accomplises) Jose Dalton and Dr. Grace Jones. He is a confirmed Scammer. And, by the way, he asks all the right questions to gain your confidence.
His mode of operation:
1)Emails (Could never get him on the phone)
2)Wants to know what credit cards you will accept.
3)Sends stolen credit card(s) info with all the proper information to run the payment.
4)He then wants the equipment shipped immediately.
5)Gives 3rd party Ship-to address.
6)Keeps contacting you for immediate shipping and tracking numbers.
To see more, google this phone number: 206-350-7576 and click on the dot.med forum "Be Careful of Euro Medical Equipment - Dr. Grace Jones". This dates back to 2009.

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