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BEWARE of FAKE Medical Clinic in SPAIN:


Scott Mason

BEWARE of FAKE Medical Clinic in SPAIN:

September 10, 2020 10:20

MD Endoscopy was contacted by Peter Garza posing as a representative of Clinica Medicalia 2015 from Spain. He was trying to sell us a Olympus GF-UCT180 with stolen pictures from Dotmed. After trying to have us wire the money to FILARDI (his company). I checked his VAT # which didn't match. He then gave me a different VAT # for a different company FILAR Caps SL. I looked up the listed owner of that company on Dunn and Bradstreet and Linkedin. He stated he never heard of a Peter Garza. The "hospital website" does not have any phone numbers, he couldn't provide me a business card and refused to send a copy of his license. The icing on the cake was Googling clinica medicalia 2015 and found out that the website was a copy of a real hospital website belonging to Centro Medico Pinar.

Here is the complaint to google:
Copyright claim # 1
KIND OF WORK:Unspecified
DESCRIPTION: Absolutely all the content that appears on this website ( is duplicate content of our website which we own, this is affecting the performance and The effort we have dedicated to the website. Images, original content, privacy policies, contact details, clients, location and more have been stolen from us.

Please beware as this is a very believable scammer. The contact info he provided was:
Name: Peter Garza
Emails Used:
WhatsApp #: +34 695 42 22 09

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Adnan Shahzad

re: BEWARE of FAKE Medical Clinic in SPAIN:

May 03, 2021 12:54

Yes, he tries to sell us a Toshiba Aquilion CT as well back in 2020. Fake Proforma and no company name matching with vat. And when we say our representative will visit you, he blocked us :-D.

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