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Beware of Joey Lawrence (Eiikon LLC.)


Serafin Perez

Beware of Joey Lawrence (Eiikon LLC.)

December 01, 2017 02:55

Mr. Joey Lawrence, owner of Eiikon, LLC., advertises his company as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that offers competitive prices for medical supplies. We purchased over $30,000 USD in products from him and none were delivered. For example, we placed an order for one of our clients in Trinidad (Caribbean) and Joey only delivered partially. The rest of the order was never delivered. He kept on promising delivery dates and postponing ETAs. To make matters worse, he shipped directly some products to the client in Trinidad and after two weeks trying to release the merchandise, my customer realized none of the products Joey sent were part of the order. As of right now, our customer is in serious legal issues with the government of Trinidad because the products declared were incorrect, plus he owes thousands of dollars in duties and rent/storage. On another case, Joey Lawrence invoiced us for some lead rolls we were purchasing for another of our clients. The rolls were never delivered either. He actually mentioned the company (Nuclead) he was sourcing the lead rolls from. We went ahead and contacted Nuclead to verify if they knew Joey and they did, but they also confirmed that the price Joey quoted us for the lead rolls was not realistic considering it was below their own cost. Evidently, Joey advertises really low prices, attracts new clients, collects their money, and never delivers. His company is physically located in Miami, but the door is always locked and no one is there. Some times there is a person called Mr. Cleve Loper inside his warehouse, apparently his landlord (according to Joey, not sure how true this is). Cleve, supposedly, owns the building and runs a company called Blau Loper, which is also physically located at Eiikon's address (they share the warehouse). We are obviously dealing with a scammer here.

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Rachel Cruz

re: Beware of Joey Lawrence (Eiikon LLC.)

June 24, 2019 10:28

Thank you for posting this caution. If I had read this post earlier I would have not had done business with this company or the owner and suffered losses as well.

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