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Richard Sungura


May 27, 2017 04:17

I feel sorry to speak this on public. I am also a victim of this company Prestige Imaging. Last year in august 2016 I sent them 2500usd for an urgent purchase of the AGFA printer which was to be shipped to my country.
These people despite of making several calls, they kept on producing excuses that they have already sent a printer and it seem the fowarder has lost the printer. they even managed to send me a fake AIR FREIGHT BILL which eventually was not found to exist in the world cargo computer network at the airport.
I kept on pressing them until end of november 2016 when the printer arrived in my country.
Very disappointing this printer was brought and was not FUNCTIONAL it had errors and doesnt perform self test. Totally defective and has not worked todate

Robert Lugo and his allies, Yunet never picked my phones any more. I needed technical support to solve the problem but I never got them todate.

In fact prior to this AGFA 3000 printer,we had a negotiation with Lugo to supply my clinic with Toshiba MRI. Since I was not sure with authenticity of this company i first decided to TEST trustworthy of this company by asking them to sale me Agfa printer. What they did to me has saved my 56,000 usd which was to be deposited to their account to purchase a permanent magnet toshiba MRI as agreed.

Beware of these people they are not trusted source.
If you need details you can call me +255784262954.
Avoid this

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Miguel Angel Lemus


May 28, 2017 12:22

Hello Richard Sungura,

It is a shame that Roberto Lugo and Company keeps ripping off good customers. My company also was a victim last year with Rad room We never receive. After several month pressing then I got the money but charging with banks tranfers fee, and a very bad situation with my end customer.

I invite to some body else to report any bad experience with Roberto Lugo company, to save problems to more potential and goog intentions customers.

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