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Dan Kujawa of Unitech Imaging Stole an Innova 4100 BE CAREFUL



Jeff Weiss

Dan Kujawa of Unitech Imaging Stole an Innova 4100 BE CAREFUL

May 20, 2019 10:09

Atlantis hired Dan Kujawa of Unitech Imaging to de-install, transport and store a GE Innova 4100 IQ Angiography System in June 2018. Dan Kujawa confirmed that this work was performed and sent pictures of the system wrapped and stored in his warehouse. Atlantis paid Unitech for these service in June 2018.

Over the course of time Atlantis was in contact with Dan Kujawa relating to the storage of this system. In late March 2019 we notified Dan Kujawa that we would be picking up this equipment. Unfortunately, on April 2, 2019 Dan Kujawa informed us that our Innova 4100 IQ was no longer in his warehouse and was sold by another dealer in November 2018.

Atlantis has given Dan Kujawa over six weeks to provide us with either a replacement system of similar specifications or pay the costs we have invested in the machine that was stolen by Dan Kujawa. Dan Kujawa is responsible for the cost of the 4100IQ and it deinstallation and transportation.

Whenever I try to speak to Dan Kujawa the conversation quickly devolves into screaming and cursing. At this point this matter has been turned over to our attorneys to pursue.

Be careful, do not deal with a thief!

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