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DNB Medical, SPT Medical, LMX Medical, MG Medical


Customer Service At DOTmed.com

DNB Medical, SPT Medical, LMX Medical, MG Medical

October 13, 2014 03:06

DOTmed has received information regarding incidents of fraud from companies that are trying to appear to be legitimate companies mainly in Europe.

This week we were informed of a company supposedly located in Finland taking a deposit for a CT that did not exist. There are enough similarities in this report that we believe it to be related to another incident posted on our Forum regarding DNB-MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AS - Levion Folkvord .

We believe these “companies” are related. We do not believe them to be real. We believe they use aliases and set up a number of legitimate-looking companies and websites and offer equipment at below market value to entice people. Once the money is sent to them, they are not heard from again.

From the reports we have received we can publish the following information we've gathered. This list is not exhaustive. It simply represents the companies, aliases, and websites that victims and potential victims of these people have provided to us. Now that these allegations are public, the parties responsible will likely change their company names and begin again with new identities.

Company names:

DNB Medical Equipment AS
SPT Medical
MG Medical
FTS Medical
Prestige Medical Care

These companies use addresses in Finland, Poland, Norway, France, Sweden, and Germany.

Some of the aliases given have been:

Henri Kapanen
Levion Folkvord
Lucas Wojciech
Lionel Hypia
Richard Owens
Vince Goddard

The websites created by these “companies” are:

lmx-medical.com (no longer working)
dnb-medical.com (no longer working)
fts-medical.com (no longer working)

Keep in mind that these are aliases, and that the company names change frequently. DOTmed has active fraud checks in place to mitigate these types of attacks, but other websites or forums might not. Please be careful and use common sense when dealing with equipment that you have not seen.

DOTmed always recommends an in-person inspection, either by you or a trusted service company, before engaging in a deal. DOTmed's Honest & Dishonest Dealings Forum can provide references or information for nearly every medical equipment dealer in the world.

Thank you for using DOTmed. If you have any additional information on this event, please feel free to leave it as a reply to this message.

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Wayne Kramer

re: DNB Medical, SPT Medical, LMX Medical, MG Medical

October 21, 2014 11:40

We wish to inform all of our colleagues in the medical imaging equipment industry of scammers that we recently encountered, who are specifically targeting buyers of medical equipment. The company is called SPT Medical Equipment from Helsinki, Finland, and the contact we communicated with went under the name Henri Kapanen. This company is skilled at looking legit. They were able to provide us photos of the equipment (in this case, a Siemens Emotion CT scanner) that matched the description, and they gave full specifications as would be expected from someone selling an actual system. Be aware, however, that this company will steal your deposit and suddenly become impossible to contact. The equipment never shows up.

We have since learned that these people may operate under different names and websites, appearing to be from different countries. These include www.sptmedical.com, www.lmx-med.com, www.dnbmedical.com, www.mg-medi.com, and possibly others. Notice the similarity between these websites, the images, and the content. Some of our information suggests that the individuals responsible may actually be from Russia.

How do you avoid scammers like this? Always know who you’re dealing with. Ask for and check for reputable industry references. Whenever possible, physically inspect the equipment, and look for any signs that the vendor may be trying to avoid allowing an inspection. (In our case, they told us the equipment was already crated and in a facility where inspection was not possible. This is a major red flag.) Always get good pictures and details, and check that the pictures are consistent. (We have seen other brokers actually send marketing or promotional pictures for equipment, claiming them to be the actual equipment being sold. Some people send images they found on the internet.) Verify that the vendor is a member in good standing of well-known industry communities that check member credentials, such as DOTMed or IAMERS. If they are not, contact these organizations and ask if they are aware of any reasons to be concerned.

Those of us well grounded in this industry hold it very dear, and it is our responsibility to uphold integrity and to keep dishonest people like this from conducting their immoral form of “business.” Thanks for your attention, and please spread the word!

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