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Doron Forshtat - MSF Medical Equipment and Service Ltd.


Sarah Quinn

Doron Forshtat - MSF Medical Equipment and Service Ltd.

October 27, 2015 05:10

We purchased a significant amount of transducers from Doron with the promise that they were in good working condition and one was supposed to be new. We paid in advance for these transducers.

Upon receipt of the order, we were quickly very disappointed and knew that the quality of the transducers was misrepresented. All transducers failed our engineer's inspection for functional quality. Cosmetically the transducers were in poor condition, with oil leaks and hand-made (misspelled) labels. We expressed our dissatisfaction via email to Doron on June 18th. All probes were returned to Doron at our expense and a full-refund was requested.

Since that request on June 18th, we have not heard back from Doron or any employee with MSF. Multiple employees within our company have attempted to email at any address we can find, including through DOTMed, but still no response. We have been able to confirm that the returned probes were delivered. We just want a full refund as we have returned the probes.

But because of the complete lack of communication we wanted to provide feedback to the Ultrasound community to be wary of this supplier. We feel strongly that not only is the product(s) misrepresented but the practices of MSF Medical Equipment are below standard with questionable ethics.

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