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Sam Lehrer and Off Lease Laser Fraud, Scam, Rip Off, Dishonest,


Samantha Robinson

Sam Lehrer and Off Lease Laser Fraud, Scam, Rip Off, Dishonest,

March 14, 2016 07:50

April 2015 I found an online ad for a Palomar ICON for 40,500.00. It was listed to come with the hand pieces Max G, Super R, Super Y, 1540 and 2940 fractional hand pieces. I communicated with a 'sales person' name Kristan or Kris. He told me about two different units (one a 2012 and one a 2013). I told him I wanted the one advertised on his site for sale with all the hand pieces. I inquired about financing and he referred me to Norm Cohen at Frontier Companies ePayment America Merchant Services.

I talked with Norm about financing the unit, filled out the paperwork and then began a circular dance of emails and phone calls back and forth wanting more paperwork and information. Every time I was told that was all that was needed, there would be another delay for one reason or another. Once I was assured it was the final step in the process, I contacted Kris to tell him of the status. Finally, I received a call from Norm at the end of the week in a panic saying he'd gotten a call from Kris at Off Lease Laser saying they wanted the money now or they were going to ship off the unit to someone else because the process was taking too long. I contacted Kris and told him I was working diligently with Norm to get this financed as I didn't have the cash to pay up front as I was just starting this new business and it looked, according to Norm to close any day. Kris informed me he would have the Palomar inspected, crated and ready to ship to me. A couple days later, Norm called with yet another postponement and Norm wanting me to put down a down payment with them to get the financing. It was starting to sound more than ridiculous. I then got a panicked call from Norm saying he'd gotten a call from Kris at Off Lease Laser that they couldn't hold the laser any longer and had another buyer for it and if I still wanted it, I would have to wire the money to him by that Monday and as soon as the funds cleared, the machine would be shipped. I was freaked out as I opened the doors to my business and needed the laser. I took out an emergency loan from a friend with the promise of getting the funds back by month's end as I wa led to believe the financing deal would surely be done by then. The money was wired to Off Lease Laser. The funds cleared in one day since it was wired cash. It then took 3 weeks to get my laser. When I finally got it, the delivery bill of lading said it came from New York, not Florida. What?? I opened the crate and there's the Palomar ICON, filthy, missing the back cover, missing the boom, the hand pieces thrown into a garbage bag with no protection. This unit looked like it had been sitting for a very long time outside or in a dirty warehouse.
The Palomar did not work and neither did the hand pieces, it appeared. The 2940 hand piece was missing, the XD and XF tips for the 1540 were missing. The MaxG was missing. There were two Super YS hand pieces instead. The back cover and boom were missing. I requested my money back and was told they would gladly refund me minus a 25% restocking fee. Restocking fee!? How can I be charged a restocking fee for a broken machine? When I questioned why this wasn't working when he told me it was inspected and certified working before crating he then fessed up it came from New York and put all the blame on the person he bought it from, Rory Tringali.
After weeks of going back and forth with 'Kris' at Off Lease Laser, I was convinced by Kris to ship everything back to him to fix the machine and hand pieces. After calling a few laser repair companies, I learned, to my dismay, that I was dealing with a well know fraud and con artist and I would never get my money or machine back and was advised strongly from many to not ship the Palomar or it would be resold and I would never see it nor my money again. I chose to follow that advise. However, I did send back the hand pieces to get tested and fixed.
More months went by and I finally got Kris to get some filters sent to me because the chiller fluid was pouring right through the unit. I continued getting error codes of not being able to calibrate the unit. I finally contacted Palomar for some insight and they were happy to help me for 35k. Turned out the unit had been turned off too long and needed the email address of the original owner to reinitialize/calibrate it for use. More months passed and I finally got a software upgrade from Kris and a way to get around the error issue. It worked! But I had no working hand pieces. I shipped them all back with reservation but had talked personally to James in the repair person and he seemed on the up and up and I felt I could trust him to make sure the hand pieces were fixed and returned to me promptly. Kris promised a 5 day max turn around and promised he would not let me down. 'Kris' was very good at slinging the BS about how he was going to make things right. It was all BS lies.
Weeks passed by and no hand pieces. After 4 weeks I called and talked to James and find out he was never told they were shipped to him for repair. After another week James said they all passed testing except the 1540. He couldn't tell what the issue was with the 1540 as he didn't have a Palomar unit to test it on. Several weeks later, I finally got the hand pieces back including a Max G, minus the additional Super YS but not the 1540 and not the 2940 originally owed. I contacted Kris and he said he would get that shipped back to me. After a week, I sent a note to James to send it knowing I could not trust the word of 'Kris'. I got it the next week with an apology from James for forgetting to include it with the rest of the hand pieces.
I sent a list of the items owed to me from Off Lease Laser and it was all acknowledged via email to which Kris agreed on behalf of Off Lease Laser.
During this time, I had to rent another Palomar ICON to service my clientele. I spent over 5k in leasing. Kris said he would reimburse me under their warranty and to send an invoice. Sent the invoice and never saw a dime. Now, it's October and I can finally use the Palomar ICON and the hand pieces except the 1540. I am again convinced by Kris to send it to him with the XF tip and the two calibrators to get fixed and he would personally guarantee he would get it fixed and returned within a week.
Soon, I began getting calls from dealers wanting to know if I wanted to buy a 1540 because they knew the issues I was having and my need for a working one. Months went by and no 1540. Excuse after excuse after more BS lies and I finally got 'a' 1540 back, with one calibrator and no XF tip....but it was not my 1540. It was a different one with a different serial number. One of the calibrators was missing and now the XF tip was missing too. When I inquired as to where it went, I was told the one I sent him was so broken inside he didn't want to send that back to me. That didn't make sense as Kris had just got through telling me he tested it with rod from Parts4Laser but it was a bad rod and had to wait for a new batch of rods.
When I inquired as to where the other calibrator and XF tip was, he claimed he didn't know where it disappeared to but would get it back to me. Not surprisingly, I've not heard another word from them even after several emails inquiring as to the status.
I have filed a complaint with the BBB but Off Lease Laser is not responding. I have filed a complaint of fraud with the Florida Attorney General who says they will put my complaint in the folder with many other complaints against Off Lease Laser, 'Kris' whom I was told by Rory is an alias for Sam Lehrer, and Sam Lehrer.
I am now preparing to file a report with the Miami Police for theft of my 1540, XD and XF tips, and my 2940. I am also having my attorney file a complaint them, the whole company and all the contributing employees, in court against Off Lease Laser and Sam Lehrer for relief.

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