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The AccuSonic A-Scan makes it easy to obtain extreme
accuracy and improved patient outcomes. The advanced User Input knob
provides unsurpassed ease of use and the straightforward Graphical User Interface guides
you through every operation. Obtain accurate measurements with industry-leading signal
acquisition and processing. Reliable design and efficient manufacturing provide fiscal value. The AccuSonic A-Scan lets you
accomplish even the complex simply.


• High-resolution, real-time waveform display with up to 8X zoom
pinpoints tissue boundaries.
• Acquires over 4000 points per waveform.
• Continuous display of Axial Length, ACD, Lens Thickness, and Vitreous dimensions.
• Audible feedback of contact, signal quality, and capture.
• Immersion mode yields improved accuracy. Contact mode also supported.
• Automatically or Manually capture up to 5 waveforms for each eye.
• Fully Automatic or Operator Assisted adjustable Gain, Time Gates, and Amplitude Thresholds. Modify
all waveform parameters using real-time or frozen waveforms.
• On-the-Fly customization handles unique patients.
• Predefined Eye Types and Velocities handle most situations such as phakic, dense cataract,
pseudo-phakic, aphakic and even silicone oil filled eyes. All velocities are fully adjustable.
• Custom Eye Types and Material Velocities can be created to handle individual preferences, special
pathologies, or future trends.

IOL Calculations

• Modern formulas including Hoffer Q, Holladay, SRK/T, and Haigis.
• Compare results of all formulas simultaneously on a single screen for selected lenses.
• Instantly calculates emmetropic and targeted ametropic IOL powers for dozens of lenses, viewed three at
a time, using the average of selected waveforms, a single waveform, or manually entered data.
• Conveniently group lenses by favorite designation such as surgeon, user, type, manufacturer, etc.
• Personalization of Lens Constants is easy and straightforward, encouraging improved patient outcomes.
• Maintains individual Lens Constants for each formula. Clearly identifies which Lens Constant is used
with the selected formula.
• Initially calculates all Lens Constants from a single entered A-Constant, ACD, or Surgeon Factor.
Thereafter, entering postoperative results will quickly converge upon optimal personalized Lens Constants.

Patient Record Storage/Recall

• Save complete Patient Records containing all measurements, calculations and settings in effect at the
time of the original examination.
• Recall Patient Records to review, remeasure, recalculate, or print even after the patient has left the office!
• Waveforms can be reviewed, even zoomed. Manipulate Gates, Thresholds, Eye Types and Velocities to
obtain updated measurements.
• Calculations can be confirmed or updated. Calculate "what-if" scenarios. Even use different lenses,
formulas, updated personalized Lens Constants, target refractions, etc.
• Print Patient Records in any desired Printout Format.

Printing (printer not included)

• Print well organized, information packed printouts on plain-paper using external LaserJet or InkJet
printers. No more photocopying tiny, curling, fading printouts.
• Dedicated context-sensitive Print button prints what you want when you want.
• Multiple printout formats including Patient Summary, Waveform Detail, IOL
Calculation Detail, and Screen Dump.
• Batch Print an entire day's worth of Patient Records with just a few keystrokes.




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