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Santinelli LE9000SX

Software: 5 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5 Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Reliability: 5 / 5 Accuracy: 5 / 5 Unique Features: 5 / 5 A great upgrade to the previous LE7070 model, The... MORE

Humphrey FDT 710

Reliability: 5 / 5 Unique Features: 5 / 5 Accuracy: 5 / 5 Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Software: 5 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5 This workhorse is fast and easy to use. They rare... MORE

Industry Workhorse

Reliability: 5 / 5 Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5 Software: 4 / 5 Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5 Unique Features: 4 / 5 Accuracy: 5 / 5 The Santinelli LE7070 is the most sold model in p... MORE

AMO Signature

These units seem to work well and make using it very simple.... MORE

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EZER ERK 7800 Autorefractor Keratometer

Ezer ERK-7800 Auto Refractor / Keratometer (ARK) Ezer goal is to place within reach of the optical and ophthalmic professional the best diagnostic instruments with the latest technology elevating the professional's level and the quality of service; contributing in this way to the improvement of ...


HUMPHREY HARK 599 Autorefractor Keratometer

The 599 is the first combination refractor-keratometer to offer subjective refinement of sphere, cylinder, and axis as well as isolated acuity lines, children's targets, near testing, and low contrast sensitivity testing. The 599 allows for immediate patient feedback on the prescription and can be l...


MARCO ARK 900 Autorefractor Keratometer

The Marco ARK 900 Automatic Refractor/Keratometer is a unique combination which provides the practitioner objective measurements of refraction, and radius of corneal curvature together in one instrument. The ARK-900 incorporates many impressive features such as Marco's exclusive Advanced Refracti...


MEDIZS SMART RK 11 Autorefractor Keratometer

MEDIZS Inc., is a company specializing in ophthalmologic diagnostic instruments required optics, electronics, S/W and mechanism design and supplied to ophthalmic clinic and optical shop in the world. For continuous growth and development, all the departments are striving to communicate in an open mi...


NIDEK 760A Autorefractor Keratometer

Nidek ARK-760A Autorefractor / Keratometer with Auto Eye Tracking, Auto-Shot and Auto-Print Functions, Cornea and Pupil Size Measurements, Trial Lens Data Printout, Eye Shape Diagram Printout, High Speed Measurement Function, Calculation and Printout of the Pupillary Distance, (PD) The NIDEK ARK-...


NIDEK ARK500A Autorefractor Keratometer

The NIDEK ARK-500A is an autorefractor/keratometer which contains both a refractormeter and keratometer in one unit. The refractometer objectively measures refractive errors of sphere, cylinder, and axis for lenses that correct the patient's vision into emmetropia. The ketatometer measures the corne...


NIDEK OPD-SCAN ARK 10000 Autorefractor Keratometer

The NIDEK OPD-Scan II provides information on corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, keratometry and pupillometry in one unit, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging and analysis technology developed specifically to measure normal to highly aberrated eyes. The system offers a variety of data...


RIGHTON Retinomax Series 3 Autorefractor Keratometer

Righton Retinomax Series 3 The Righton Series is Right Group's own brand of ophthalmology and optometry instruments. These products feature high quality and high performance, and, in potential markets for ophthalmic instruments, they are loaded with unique specifications and features unmatched by c...


RIGHTON Speedy-i Autorefractor Keratometer

Righton Speedy-i /K (AR-ARK) The Righton Series is Right Group's own brand of ophthalmology and optometry instruments. These products feature high quality and high performance, and, in potential markets for ophthalmic instruments, they are loaded with unique specifications and features unmatched by...


TOMEY RC-5000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Tomey RC-5000 Auto Refractor / Keratometer (ARK) The key feature of the Auto Refractor / Keratometer RC-5000 is the "Touch Alignment". In many cases, the patient's eye may be seen around the edge of the monitoring screen before alignment. In the past, the operator would manipulate the joystick t...


TOMEY RC-800 Autorefractor Keratometer

Tomey RC-800 Auto Refractor / Keratometer (ARK) The Auto "Refkeratometer" RC-800 is the latest in economical, user-friendly, highly accurate auto "refkeratometry". The RC-800 provides simple, easy measurement by the operator at an economical cost, without compromising accuracy or reliability. ...


TOMEY RT-6000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Tomey RT-6000 Auto Ref-Keratometer-Topographer New Generation of Multi-functional Instrument A unique combination of Refractometer, Keratometer, & Topographer in one - multi diagnostic RT-6000 replaces three devices with all their functions. The compactness of this instrument is its strength....


TOMEY RT7000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Tomey RT-7000 Auto Refractor/ Keratometer/ Topographer (ARKTOP) Three functions in one instrument: Refractor, Keratometer, and Topographer. Senior citizens and children can also get the inspection without any trouble because they don't have to move the seat for different instruments. Switch fr...

  • Frequency (Hz): 50 / 60 Hz
  • Min.Pupil Size: 2.2 mm

TOPCON KR7000P Autorefractor Keratometer

Topcon KR7000P provides 3 times the diagnostics in 1/3 the space all at a fraction of the cost of individual instruments. It alleviates the burden of standard corneal topography units. From the doctor to newly-trained technicians the KR7000P is easy enough to operate by all skill levels and obtai...


TOPCON KR800 Autorefractor Keratometer

The KR-800 Autorefractor Keratometer, incorporates the very latest in design technology and ergonomics. The KR-800 features a bright, new 8.5 inch color touchscreen panel to control the main functions and an improved joystick operation due to a 23% reduction in weight from the previous models. Topco...


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