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The LenSx Laser: Putting the Future in Motion

The LenSx Laser is "Putting the Future in Motion." A technologically advanced procedure, LenSx Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery offers a new level of precision and reproducibility in ophthalmic surgery. The additional steps performed by the LenSx Laser to align the capsular and corneal incisions in three dimensions are performed to optimize alignment of capsulotomy and corneal incisions. The LenSx Laser signifies a bold leap forward in cataract surgery. The first femtosecond laser cleared for use in cataract surgery, it brings image-guided computer precision to refractive cataract surgeons.

Learn about this innovative laser system

The LenSx Laser is a fully integrated, image-guided femtosecond laser designed specifically for laser refractive cataract surgery. Using a customizable 3-D surgical platform, it allows you to visualize, customize, and perform many of the most challenging steps of cataract surgery:
• Anterior capsulotomy
• Lens fragmentation
• All corneal incisions, including arcuate incisions

Developed for Your Success

Alcon is proud to introduce the LenSx Laser to the ophthalmic community. A defining addition to our portfolio of refractive cataract surgery products, the LenSx Laser marks the introduction of laser refractive cataract surgery.
Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Aliso Viejo, California, each system is crafted to deliver a new dimension of precision to ophthalmic surgeons and their patients.

Optimize the surgery experience

The LenSx® Laser brings a new level of precision to these surgical steps through a number of high-tech features:

-Real-time video imaging with integrated OCT. Provides three-dimensional visualization of the entire anterior segment during docking, planning, and procedure.

-Curved patient interface. Designed for patient comfort, ease of use, and optimal laser performance.

-Intuitive touch screen graphic user interface. Allows each step of the procedure to be easily planned, customized, and executed.

-True image-guided surgical planning. Enables the surgeon to precisely program the size, shape, and location of each incision. Ensures clean, precise incisions of any shape, at every depth. Utilizes variable spot size and variable laser energy for optimized tissue interaction

Achieve Laser Accuracy

The LenSx Laser is designed to bring a new level of accuracy and reproducibility to refractive cataract surgery. Early proponents of the system report that, however accurate their manual procedures seemed in the past, they see measurable improvements when using the LenSx Laser.

Enhanced Reproducibility

The LenSx Laser can perform anterior capsulotomy, lens fragmentation, and all corneal incisions with tremendous reproducibility. The system performs surgery according to your preferences, extending your expertise with laser precision. From clean three-plane corneal incisions to customized fragmentation patterns, you can create predictable cuts that carry through subsequent steps of refractive cataract surgery.

Learn about laser refractive cataract surgery

Once the patient is docked and settings have been confirmed, the surgeon depresses the foot pedal to initiate the laser procedure:

Anterior Capsulotomy

A perfectly sized and centered capsulotomy is formed.

Lens Fragmentation

The lens is fragmented into the desired pattern.

Primary and Secondary Incisions

Primary and secondary incisions are created.

Arcuate Incisions

If arcuate incisions have been selected, these are created during this step.




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