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FEMTO LDV Z6 means ultimate femto technology for the whole anterior segment. It is a real breakthrough in femtosecond laser technology. Innovative improvement, from the laser source to the architecture, enables surgeons to perform perfect lamellar and penetrating keratoplasties, intracorneal rings and pockets as well as Z-LASIK.

Ultimate femto-technology:
• For the whole anterior segment
• All femto corneal applications
• Advanced multi-dimensional scanner system

The future in your hands:
• Prepared for future corneal applications
• Designed for OCT
• Designed for cataract

PowerPlus (optional available):

An even more powerful laser source allowing for higher and adjustable pulse energy. PowerPlus is a real break-through in femtosecond laser technology. Adjustable energy combined with this ultra high repetition rate is your first choice for therapeutic procedures. A must-have for the advanced corneal surgeon.

With the FEMTO LDV Z6, a wide variety of applications are available today. The optional available Laser Cavity PowerPlus enables you to provide the best possible treatment even to patient with very opaque or scarred corneas. Future corneal and lens applications such as OCT guided cataract surgery, LRI or arcuate incision will follow soon for the Z6.

Z-LASIK - the gold standard:

Based on clinical experience from over 1.5 million successful Z-LASIK procedures, the FEMTO LDV systems stand out as the femtosecond lasers with a remarkably low complication rate.
With this method, the flap resection is created in a planar mode (xy-plane), at the requested depth. Fully-adjustable hinge size and position.
• Natural curvature flap edges
• Smooth, self-sealing flap edges


This new Z-LASIK method performs the resection in a three-dimensional mode.

Each flap can be customized to accommodate the desired geometry.
• Round and oval flaps
• Angled edge as desired by surgeon

Tunnel resections for intracorneal ring segments

The FEMTO LDV Z Models address the demand of ophthalmologists for a versatile femto-platform that is highly efficient and extends the range of surgical modalities.

With the FEMTO LDV Z Models, tunnel incisions may be shaped and positioned with a very high degree of precision:
• Pre-programmed trajectories for all ring segments
• Manual option for customization of the trajectory
• Possibility for one or two tunnels
• Two separate tunnels or one complete 360° tunnel
• Two different tunnels possible
• Two different depths possible
• Vertical cut on/off option
• Easy insertion of ring thanks to complete resection

Intrastromal pockets for inlays

With the FEMTO LDV Z Models, pocket incisions can be crafted and positioned with a high degree of precision, thereby greatly improving the predictability, effectiveness, and stability of such procedures.

Intrastromal pocket incisions for inlays for presbyopia treatment - truly customizable software package:
• Pre-programmed trajectories for most types of inlays
• Manual option for customization of the trajectory
• New entry tunnel geometry
• Secondary tunnel possibility
• New repositioning possibilities (cutting screen)
• Very fast visual recovery thanks to smooth stroma bed and gentle resection (low energy)

Choose your presbyopia-tailored treatment.

Lamellar and penetrating keratoplasties

The FEMTO LDV Z Models are designed to enable corneal transplantations in a sterile environment (OR). All procedures may be customized according to patient's specific pathology and doctor's preferences.

Lamellar keratoplasty

In the past, outcomes of LK procedures have been hampered by the difficulty of obtaining a smooth, even stromal bed to receive the graft. With the FEMTO LDV Z Models excellent cutting performance, perfect resections may be performed even if this requires cutting through opacified or scarred tissue.
• Round and oval resections
• Angled edge as desired by surgeon DSAEK
• Very thin lamellae possible

Penetrating keratoplasty

This module allows surgeons to perform a penetrating keratoplasty for both patient and donor corneas. By means of an artificial anterior chamber designed specifically for the FEMTO LDV systems, perfect donor buttons can be excised.

FEMTO LDV Z6 PowerPlus

An even more powerful laser source allowing for higher and adjustable pulse energy. Your choice for therapeutic procedures. A must-have for the advanced corneal surgeon.

Ziemer's FEMTO LDV Z Models offer you a powerful platform for performing a broad variety of ocular surgeries. Each of the systems - FEMTO LDV Z2, Z4 and Z6 - offers unique solutions, that provide unique results. Each system can easily be upgraded to a higher model anytime.

Keeping our eye on the future, development is ongoing on a range of applications. Have confidence that your platform is ready for tomorrow's technology today.
• Convenient on-site upgrades
• Standardized components and interfaces




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