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S4OPTIK Model - 90 Lensometer



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S4Optik Model 90 Lensometer

The S4OPTIK Model 90 Lensometer has improved the standard lensometer for optical labs: the B&L Model 70 lensometer. Built to high standards like the B & L 70, the S4OPTIK Model 90 lensometer will feel, act and provide the accurate measurements that you have grown accustomed to. New advances in technology have made the S4OPTIK Model 90 lensometer better than the old standard - a new LED illumination system provides optimal target brightness and eliminates the need for an illumination bulb.

The s4Optik Lensometer offers accurate measurements and sturdy construction for reliable performance for many years. Easy to use and is fast and accurate.

• Measures sphere, cylinder and prism power
• Locates axis and prism base
• Marks lens for cutting and edging
• Easy to read power and axis drums
• More sensitive target can be focused precisely
• High luminosity LED for long-life operation
• Bi-level illumination allows measurement of clear to highly absorptive lenses under any room illumination conditions
• Precision inking attachment allows accurate lens layout
• Integral gears, racks and slides are carefully machined and hand-fitted for smooth, long-life operation


Power range -20 D to +20 D
Axis range 0° to 180°
Prism range 0.25D to 7.00D directly,
to 14.00D with auxiliary prisms included
Lens diameter 13 to 84 mm
Light source High luminosity LED




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