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MEDIZS Smart DR 13 Phoroptors / Refractors



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MEDIZS Inc., is a company specializing in ophthalmologic diagnostic instruments required optics, electronics, S/W and mechanism design and supplied to ophthalmic clinic and optical shop in the world. For continuous growth and development, all the departments are striving to communicate in an open mind and positive attitude. By the development of technology, analyzing the industry trend, and participating in Trade Fair and the Ophthalmology congress meetings - AAO (USA), MIDO (Milan, Italy) and CIOF (Beijing/Shanghai, China) to promote the company and products. Our aim is to become a trusty and affirmed company that contributes value to society, cares about the welfare of employees who take pride in, and develops the complete ophthalmic equipment, rather than only pursuing the best and the first.

MEDIZS's DR 13 refraction system is SMART SERIES. Smart Refraction Series can be controlled by iPad/iPad mini. MEDIZS's Application offers not only new method to control all refraction devices through wireless data communication, but also flexible operation within the refraction room. SMART SERIES provides accurate measurement data and the easiest and fastest measurement way using high technology wireless system without being bothered by the complicated PC connection and carrying a prescription paper from room to room, which is the first in the ophthalmic industry. SMART SERIES is the high quality ophthalmic system only of MEDIZS Inc.

The Medizs Smart DC 13 - Auto Digitalized Refractor and Controller provides 16 step standard programing and provides 5 types of a maximum of 20 step customized program that can be defined by the user to minimize refraction time, increasing accuracy and patient flow. The Bluetooth wireless communication among Smart Series provides improved interaction, less errors and allows the user to make a patient's diagnosis conveniently increase patient satisfaction. Both Digital and Manual phoroptor modes and the vision test chart can be controlled by one screen (iPad or iPad Mini). The extra thin body provides a wide angle of view which is 40 degrees, producing a better exam.


Wide Viewing Angle
The extra thin body provides wide angle views, which are 40˚, more effective for an eye examination.

Basic & Customized Test Program
The MEDIZS Application provides the 16 steps of standard programs and also provides 5 types and maximum 20 steps of customized program, that can be defined by users.

Guide Assistance for Controller
Through visible U.I Design and simple explanation, you can know how to use the digital phoropter easily, even users who only operate the manual phoropter.

Compatible Control
Both Digital/Manual Phoropter mode and the vision test chart can be controlled in one screen. The total refraction time is reduced significantly.

Interaction Among Smart Series
The Bluetooth wireless communication among Smart Series provides improved interaction and allows the user to make a patient's diagnosis conveniently.

Feedback LED Lighting
The LED light indicates the circumstance of DR 13. The light creates an elegant mood.

Use of the Auxiliary Lens
The refraction time is reduced significantly with a one-touch using of the auxiliary lens and test window open/close function.
PD Adjustment by One step

Adjustment of Binocular and Monocular can be controlled on the same sequence. PD adjustment can be easy and fast.
PD Value Indication

The MEDIZS Application provides visible indication of a PD value. Measurement data can be confirmed very simple and easily.

Near Vision LED Illumination
The LED illumination from the body helps patients to recognize the near vision chart clearly even in a dark refraction room.

Monocular test/ Test Window Open/Close Function
The monocular test and one-touch automatic Test window Open/Close functions are useful for an astigmatism test and increased visibility helps to check the data immediately.

Presbyopia / Near vision test with various charts
The system provides presbyopia and near vision tests and various charts are available as well.

Efficient Customer Management
The patient's measurement data and personal information can be emailed and printed via Wi-Fi. It allows the best service and efficient customer management.

Easy-to-Understand UI
The intuitive U.I design allows even beginners to easily learn how to use the system.


Measuring Range:
Spherical Lense -29.00 ~ +26.75D (0.12 / 0.25 / 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 3D increments) -19.00 ~ +16.75D (Cross cylinder, Prism)
Cylinder Range 0 ~ ±8.75D (0.25 / 5 / 1 / 2 / 3D increments)
Cylinder Axis 0 to 180° (1 / 5 / 15 / 30 / 45° increments)
PD 48 ~ 80mm (In distance mode 0.5 / 1mm increments)
Near PD 50 ~ 74mm (Near working distance: 30~70cm)
Rotary Prism 0 ~ 20Δ (0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1 / 2Δ increments)
Cross Cylinder Lens ±0.25D, ±0.50D, ±0.25 Dual Cross Cylinder Lens
Retinoscope +1.5, +2.0D

Auxiliary Lenses:
Pinhole Lense Ø2mm
Maddox Rod Right Eye(Red, Horizontal), Left Eye(Red, Vertical)
Red / Greed Filter Right Eye(Red), Left Eye(Green)
Polarizing Filter Right Eye: 135 / 45°, Left Eye: 45 / 135°
Split Prism Right eye: 6ΔBU, Left eye: 10ΔBI
Fixed Cross Cylinder ±0.50D (Fixed with the Axis set at 90°)
Visual Field 40° (at VD: 12mm)


Main Body: 360(W) x 82(D) x 299/358 with bracket(H)mm / 4kg(8.81lbs)
Junction box 92(W) x 32(D) x 61(H)mm / 500g(1.1 lbs)
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz (Free Voltage)




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