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LEICA RM 2135 Microtome



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The Leica RM2135 features advanced technology, extraordinary safety standards along with an ergonomic design. The instrument presents technical innovations and improvements such as a patented gravitational force compensation system; a coarse feed wheel located in a convenient position to ensure stress-free working; cross roller bearings for the vertical and horizontal specimen feed to guarantee high-quality sections - features designed to meet even the highest standards in paraffin and hard-sectioning
Specimen orientation *
An easy-to-use specimen orientation
system with "anti-tilt feature"
ensures accurate and simple
orientation of the specimen. A
vertical stroke length of 70 mm
guarantees a maximum sectioning
range of 69 mm. This enables
sectioning of large specimens
Efficiency: tome base plate.
The new quick release specimen
clamping system *
The new quick release clamping
system can be operated with one
hand and enables extremely fast
changing of specimen clamps
Cross roller bearings for utmost
The cross roller bearings for
vertical and horizontal specimen
feed ensure accurate reproducibility
of the section thickness.
Even when using high cutting
speeds and strong cutting forces
the stroke will be free from
vibrations. Leica is the first
manufacturer to use this technology
in manually operated rotary
Unsurpassed flexibility:
The new knife holder system *
The universal knife holder base
with lateral displacement function
is suitable for holding different
knife holders. The knife holder
can be moved laterally to take full
advantage of the whole cutting
length without having to readjust
the clearance angle.
Stop: Safety locking
The quick locking lever locks the handwheel
quickly and safely in any position. The new
12 o'clock locking system automatically
locks the handwheel in the upper position by
simply pulling the handle outwards
Personalized comfort:
The coarse feed wheel
The coarse feed wheel is ergonomically positioned
to ensure stress-free work conditions.
You have the option to order the unit with the
coarse feed wheel rotating clockwise or
counterclockwise. The (optional) mechanical
trimming device is placed very close to the
coarse feed wheel. As an alternative, the
RM2135 can also be ordered with the coarse
feed wheel located at the front of the micro-
Efficiency: tome base plate.




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