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seine saint denis, France
DOTmed User since January 2015
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General Rating by a Dealer
January 14, 2020

I fully recommend - very professional people!!! Pleasure to deal with Them :) Details

General Rating by anatolie rosca, Company
August 03, 2019

The procured device is OK. Daniel is a trustworthy campaign. Details

General Rating by fabian Grolleau, Althea
July 18, 2019


General Rating by Saleh Zourob, Al Noor hospitals
September 03, 2018

A trusted partner. Details

General Rating by Alaeddine Allagui, Medical Paradise Equipement
November 15, 2017

Hamza Very good Partner of sale ! Details

General Rating by Andrey Pulkovsky, "Eximalab" llc
November 14, 2017

Hello, everybody! I want to recommend you very good supplier of used equipment from France. He have very good choice of used and refurbished equipment in the field of ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray, CR etc. Good responsible attitude to the customer, good price, fast shipment. Recommend to all, who desire to buy used refurbished equipment! Details

General Rating by Lucio Mele, M.C.MED SRL
November 14, 2017

Good and helpful seller. Details

General Rating by Julien Abbassi, GP MEDICAL FRANCE
October 15, 2017


General Rating by B. Luecke, Gastro Unit
March 04, 2017

This dealer offers a Toshiba Xg (2096564)since 12/16. In December, as well as in January and February I send mails to buy this item. Every time I was told that is was sold. This is a guy and company for loss leader! According to my opinion you can't trust them. Details

General Rating by Fischer Sassi, SA MEDICAL FRANCE
February 03, 2017


Listing Rating by Sundyrev Evgeniy, Into-Stil
May 13, 2015


General Rating by Ilhan Aktas, TESLA MEDICAL SYSTEMS
March 25, 2015