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Sean O'Donnell FL USA President & CEO

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Equipment Reviews

Great value for the money
October 31, 2013 05:10

For its time, this was considered a "portable" argon laser, weighing less than 80 lbs. However since their release in the 90s, they have since aged quite a bit and are much more reliable when kept stationary. If you are looking f...Click here to read more

Most marketshare
April 05, 2013 09:04

The Visx S4 has the most marketshare over all of the excimers. It has been around the longest, and is an upgraded model to the previous versions. Larger footprint and pricey service agreements, otherwise excellent system. ...Click here to read more

Excellent overall
April 05, 2013 09:04

Great results and excellent lower cost unit for a lower volume practice. Small footprint, easy to use and very fast. Easy to service....Click here to read more

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Recent Forum Posts

Ritchie Choi with KOTECH INT'L CORP. is Fraudulent
June 22, 2017 10:41

Just giving everyone an update, and wanting to keep the thread current so this continues to populate as soon as you Google Ritchie Choi - of course, we have received nothing from CHOI but excuses. He continues to list on eBay and...Click here to read more

Ritchie Choi with KOTECH INT'L CORP. is Fraudulent
May 01, 2017 10:17

Ritchie Choi also operates under the company name of SOOIL TECH INT'L CORP. in Busan South Korea. He sold us a laser on March 3, 2017. As of today May 1, 2017, Choi has failed to deliver us the laser system OR refund our money. ...Click here to read more

UPDATE: Igor Melnikov of SamCare Medical
July 23, 2014 06:10

Hey guys I just wanted to update all with our dealings with Igor Melnikov of SamCare Medical. After 361 days of promises, Igor finally paid us back in full, including bounced check fees in the total amount of $11,075. We...Click here to read more

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