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MED & IT Trading
MED & IT Trading
Bavaria, Germany
DOTmed User since January 2011
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General Rating by Jens Pramor, Pramor Medical GmbH
April 10, 2020


General Rating by Alessio Guida, Logic S.r.l.
February 07, 2020


General Rating by Montasser el Sayed, Montmed Medical Equipment
October 10, 2019

He sent me a defect Philips BV 29 ,images on dotmed are for another system. Machine must be at excellent condition with 1 month guaranty as he mentioned on his advert . I called him at the same day after receiving the shipping telling him that the machine is not working also the condition is very bad ,he blamed me to not turn on the key and sent me an image belong to another machine. He refused to refund the money back. Really not honest and not trustable. I have never dealt with unfair trader like him. Really not recommended seller .For everyone be care dealing with him.
Thomas Koenigbauer responded: the BV-29 was tested and serviced from an indepentend qualified x-ray technician company. it met all requirements to be used in human medizin in Germany. Buyer even received a video showing the functionality of the BV-29. I just guess that Mr. Montasser el Sayed lost his client and wanted me to take back the c-arm. but this is not my issue.

General Rating by Karim Naouri, Capsimpex sarl
September 30, 2019

I will buy from him. I recommend Details

General Rating by Stefano Polvi, Logic S.r.l.
February 11, 2019

Honest and reliable seller. Minor problems have been immediately solved. I warmly recommend Med & It! Details

General Rating by dina helou, Dr Dina Helou
January 18, 2019

Defaultive and usured.No assistance even after I shipped back one of the items exactly Olympus processor for endoscopy that doesn't work. No answer to my e-mails for refund or change.
Thomas Koenigbauer responded: Client received offers with clear pictures to each single item according to his/her request (it has to ve very low in price!!). He/she selected the items by him/herself. all delivered items have been tested and have been in full working order when shipped. almost 2 month after receipt of items client claimed mail function on OLYMPUS CV-100. on discussion with client the real reason for the request of returning and refund was told - "it looks too old"!!! 6 month later the CV-100 was shipped back without the pigtail cable. no testing was possible - NO refund was granted - hope this is understandable!!

General Rating by Jan Pasecny, Fa Pasecny
January 17, 2019


General Rating by an Other
January 14, 2019


General Rating by Patrick Chapus, Professional Medical Technology
January 11, 2019

Smooth transactions, highly recommended. Details

General Rating by a Broker
January 10, 2019


General Rating by an Independent Service Organization
January 09, 2019


General Rating by a Dealer
November 21, 2018


General Rating by Thomas Weickhardt, Ophthalplanet
September 28, 2018


General Rating by William Davis, Everest Medical Solutions (HK) Co., Ltd.
August 23, 2018


General Rating by Angelina Curtolo, KOCKS S.R.L.
June 22, 2018

He sold me an instrument as "NEW REFURBISHED" but it was just used with good image,the insertion tube was damaged. His answer to my feedback was: " that the minor buggles do not influence the quality of the examination at all. The endoscope is in full working order and ready to use on patients". He doesn't know what "refurbished" means. We had to change the insertion tube ourselves. Details

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