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ROSS Companion Feeding Pump

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Uniquely designed and constructed, the FLEXIFLO Companion Enteral Nutrition Pump is a volumetric infusion pump that uses a specially designed administration set, including a cassette with bellows to deliver measured amounts of enteral formula. The pump will operate on AC power or battery. The fluid delivery system and safety alarms function when the pump is used by an ambulatory patient or is mounted on an IV pole. The volume monitoring device does not depend on drop counting, so the pump is more versatile in adapting to patient activities.

Unique cassette is designed to prevent accidental product free-flow due to improper set loading. Lightweight pump fits into an ambulatory carrier to eliminate the need for an IV pole, if desired. A pressure sensor, rather than a drop sensor, means fewer alarms due to overfilled sight chamber, condensation, or drops clinging to inside of sight chamber. The cassette is easy to load - it snaps in and requires no threading, looping, or wrapping of tubing. Flow rates of 5 to 300 mL/hr in 1-mL increments.

The pump is microprocessor (computer)-controlled, which provides accurate delivery rates, easy-to-read displays, and simple controls. The Companion Pump comes with a charger unit that clamps to an IV pole and carries the permanently attached power cord.

- Occlusion
- Empty Container/Missing
- Improperly Loaded Cassette
- Low Battery
- Start Reminder

Accuracy to ± 10% (5 to 300 mL/hr)
8-hour battery operation at 150 mL/hr, when fully charged
Fluid flow and fluid monitoring independent of pump position (no drop counting)
Adjustable alarm volume for low or high setting
Flow rate selection of 5 to 300 mL/hr in 1-mL/hr increments
VOLUME FED accumulation display
Automatic retention of values
User-friendly operating controls
Small and lightweight
Simple setup (one-hand cassette loading)
"Backlit" visual display for easier viewing in a darkened room
Self-test capability
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1.5 lbs
1.7 inches
4.3 inches
6.0 inches

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